Parents urged to take kids for HIV testing

HIV Test Malawi

Parents in the country have been asked to show seriousness about the lives of their children by taking them to different hospitals in the country for HIV/AIDS testing.

This plea was made in Chiradzulu when an organisation called Vision for Development Foundation was finalising the campaign of sensitizing parents and guardians on the importance of testing children in the district.

HIV Test MalawiOne of the officials from the organisation Trevor Malaya blamed parents and guardians for not showing interest to get kids tested for their goodness and health living.

In his words Malaya described the lack of seriousness as one of the factors that are contributing to the high levels of infants’ death in the country.

He however thanked all parents and guardians who took time to get their children tested saying they have saved a future generation

He also described the campaign as a success as they have managed to test over 40,000 children from the district which resulted in getting back on medication about one hundred children who stopped taking ARVs because of some difficulties.



  1. Kodi anthu inu mukuopa chiyani? They must go door by door for HIV testing not only children bt every one gvment to have good budget for those people .

  2. Mwatopenga??? Mutofuna mutitapepo mkamwA eti,iyA zausilu basi umatolingisa magazi ukutova njara inu simuziwanga kuti jackson uja amatenga mtima akamatokulasa, tifuna mutiuze zakusowa kwachakudya kapena kuzima kwa magesi iya

  3. Mwina mukuona kuti ana ndioonda kwambiri, si edzi kapena HIV yanuyo ai, ndinjala..inuyo boma muzipanga za nzeru osamadzitukwanisa

  4. For what? You must be the first ones to test followed by the parents. Not children. Instead of telling them to avoid or abstain you are telling them to test. What will be the benefits if they found positive? stupid idea. I hate it

    1. Austin the idea is very good considering that a child can get infected thru mother to child or indeed thru any other means without a child knowing it. Let’s be responsible parents by protecting future generation.

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