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Rapper Jolly Bro still in music

Malawi’s forgotten Mcee Jolly Bro (JB) remains part and parcel of hip hop music although Malawians have not heard anything new from him since he left the country about five years ago.

The artist now based in the United States of America (USA) shocked Malawians through a post he made on social media last week, in which he stressed his marriage to the game as still intact.

JB lamented over lack of support from DJs saying they stopped playing his music on air ever since he left the country. He also denigrated Malawians for not showing love whenever he shares links for his music.


Jolly Bro; Still in the game.

“When I post a new song I get no love and then to make matters even worse I get an inbox message instantly from a random guy asking if I am still doing music like nigga I just post a new song what you talking about? I gets no airplay ever since I left Malawi coz Deejays don’t show no love,” said JB in American dialect.

The Khala Pansi hit maker shared his feelings a day after the demise of hip hop icon Revolver after people started posting on his wall in expressing regret over Revolver’s death. Some of the people were those who only spoke ill of Revolver when he was alive.

The artist is famed for the Tay Grin diss which was delivered in episodes of songs. He trashed the Nyau King’s claims of holding the crown in local hip hop together with his friend Fredokiss.

He was also highly rated for his unique touch in rap best identified by strong vocals that can be hardly mimicked. His remarkable contributions to Malawi’s hip hop industry can still be cited although he is abroad.

Some of his songs that hit the local airwaves by storm when he was home are Khala Pansi, Uzaziona and Mkazi Ogulugusha. He mostly worked with the Daredevils on productions and also featured the duo on some of his songs.

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