Govt not responsible for ending Mzuni, MUST woes – Fabiano

Junior Certificate of Education

Malawi’s Minister of Education, Science and Technology Emmanuel Fabiano says university authorities need to resolve the issues surrounding the closure of public universities since government is not responsible for ending all problems facing universities in the country

At the moment The Malawi Polytechnic, Mzuzu University (Mzuni) and Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) are all under indefinite closure due to various problems facing the institutions.

Junior Certificate of Education
Emmanuel Fabiano: Its not Government’s fault.

The Polytechnic is yet to been opened as the council is failing to resolve issues regarding fees hike, Mzuni was closed after a staff strike while MUST was also closed on Monday after students demonstrated against persistent water problems at the campus.

But responding to questions over the closure of the public universities, Fabiano said university councils at the three institutions are the ones responsible for resolving issues affecting the universities.

“We would like the universities to take full responsibility to manage the issues affecting the universities,” said Fabiano.

He claimed that government would only come in as a last resort after the authorities at the three universities have failed to deal with the challenges. Fabiano further said that not all problems affecting universities in the country should be solved by government. Activists has since condemned the closure of the universities saying the situation will lower the country’s education standards.



  1. That’s The Effects Of Choosing Uneducated And Incompetent Grany To B Ministerz,,,there Z Nothng In His Head Jst Lyk An Empty Tin ,no Wonder He Z Even Failing 2 Carry Out His Straight Dutiez….Idiot..! Malawian Students Will Speak Come 2019,,,,,may God 4gv Me 4 Votng Wrongly In 2014

  2. Fabiano, This is rebellious. Peter s cabinet is surely a trash.Here are some previous nswers from honarables ::; Gondwe said economy in Gods hands. Patricia said limit child bearing to four to fight hunger., Jappie mhango said,Patients should open farms around hospitals to fight hunger. Allan chiyembekeza said, Eat once a day. Today Fabiano says ,university problems not Govt responsibility.

  3. Koma are we safe in malawi?how can a whole minister deny his responsibility like that? should we say he doesnt know that both the unima council and the students are under him.There fore he is the one to end these stand offs by sitting down with both parties and talk

  4. Bwana Fabiano, what are you talking about? I thought these are government institutions and employed authorities are governments and the decisions they take are governments’? With this type of thinking, instead of resolving a small issue quickly, you take too long by throwing about the problem! At first I thought educated people are free and independent!

  5. This is one of the dulliest educated salvage who always see the reason of backing the government because he gets salt from it. A coward who thinks retrogressively, such so called educated people are destroying Malawi at the expence of uneducated people. Like his boss this man has a rocked cockroach head, he deserves abnormality.

  6. Why do we call them public universities then? I thought its because they are owned and run by govt? Mwakula Madala kapumeni, you have run out of ideas!

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  10. Yeah go ahead destroy us all. Mukatero muzithawanso mudziko mwanu momwe. Am sure all your children,grand children are going to some pvt university out there while the poor malawian is struggling.

  11. He failed miserably during his term as VC of UNIMA due to political influence. He should be the last person to lecture the Councils.

  12. Iyeyo ana ake anaphunzira kale zaulele ali principal ku chanco ndi vice chancellor wa unima pano alibe problem. koma dziwani kuti woweruza wolungama woyimira anthu osauka adzaweruza inu anthu ankhanza ndi adyera. ndadutsapo ine

  13. Kodi zinazi akumazisungiranji mu cabinet…..the whole of aminister answering irresponsibly like that…r universities in Mozambique?is he a minister of nursery,primary and secondary education only?

  14. Zakuti zimenez? Akamat salowelelapo ndekt chan? Akamati alowelela Akakanikana ndekt chan? Mesa pofika poseka for example poly an2 anali atakanikana kale? Kukanikana kwake akufuna iyeyo nde kut?

    1. izizi its on govt’s capacity, much as there are some issues to be sorted by citizens koma zokweza salary ife titanipo…zokaika xul poti palibe madzi ife titanipo?

    2. water was there but anasiya ku Must starting 4m friday to mondaylo & for u must know Don kulikonse madzi akuvuta even if we demonstrate or tinyoze wont help zinazo we just hv to beg God to take over through Atsogoleri a2wo

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