Man killed in hit and run accident

A cruel driver this morning hit to death a man before fleeing the scene of the incident in Vyovyo village in Nkhotakota district.

Nkhotakota Police Public Relations Officer Sub Inspector Williams Kaponda said that the accident involved an unknown vehicle which hit to death the man, Billiat Zibero, on the M5 road at Vyovyo village.

According to Kaponda, police were informed early in the morning about the accident and they rushed to the scene.

Terrible accident.
Terrible accident. Billiat Zibero lies dead.

“We were informed by the communities that at Vyovyo someone is laying lifeless on the road. We rushed to the place and confirmed the same and concluded that the deceased was hit by a motor vehicle,” Kaponda said.

Postmortem results indicated that death was due to several head injuries. The deceased hailed from Nsindu village, Senior Chief Mwadzama in Nkhotakota district.

Police have since launched investigations to trace the motor vehicle involved in the accident.

Meanwhile police are appealing to drivers to report all accidents to avoid a repeat of the incident.



  1. The prblem is the mob justice that was coming. People have to understand that accidents happen and sometimes its not the mistake of the driver.

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  4. The driver has not done a good thing but people who live along the lakeshore road have to be educated on road safety and defensive usage of the road. The road is in a very bad state and the government has to do something quickly.

  5. Ukanamutengela ku hospitol mwina akanachila koma wathawa. akagwidwa azengedwe mlandu wakupha {MULDER CASE} ameneyo is driver koma ndi chiphe.

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