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Don’t be afraid of Trump yet – Mvula

Political analyst Humphreys Mvula says despite the rhetoric that the United States of America president–elect Donald Trump made on his campaign on the trail, he should not just be feared since he might not do everything he said during the campaign.

In an exclusive interview with Malawi24, Mvula said Trump’s presidency might turn out to be different than what he promised to do when he gets into power.

The newly elected President said in his manifesto that every year his administration is going to deport over one million people who entered into America illegally.

From the day he launched his campaign, immigration has been at the focus of his message and his appeal.


Trump has ‘stiff’ immigration policies.

His policies on the subject have always been a level more developed than everything else on his agenda.

He’s been buoyed on the support of the unions representing Border Patrol officials and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents — who embraced him as the man who would throw off the policy fetters they’ve chafed under through the Obama administration.

President Trump would not be able to deport all 11 million unauthorized immigrants from the United States, as he once promised to do.

But during the campaign, he articulated a policy that could succeed in ramping up immigration enforcement to an extent we’ve never seen before — and that is certainly likely to put the fear of deportation into the hearts of millions of immigrants.

According to Vox News, the Trump administration would make it harder for unauthorized immigrants to live and work in the US, encouraging “self-deportation.”

Trump would push Congress to pass a bill requiring all employers in the US to check the legal status of their employees electronically — which would (in theory) dump 8 million unauthorized workers out of jobs and deprive their families of their income.

Malawi is one of the countries whose citizens dream of going to the United States of America for different reasons like education, business and touring.

Asked if this will affect Malawians who want to visit the US and those who are already there, Mvula said Malawians should not worry.

Humpreys Mvula

Mvula: Trump’s policies could not be fully implemented.

“Malawians should not get worried with Trump’s manifesto of stiffening the immigration laws and deporting people from the country because America is the land of laws no one can just do things on his own maybe the Democrats were tolerating illegal immigrants but there is little that he can do on his own outside the congress,” said Mvula in an interview with Malawi24 on Wednesday.

He also said that there will only be a greater control of immigrants but not to repatriate those who are already in the country because Americans will always need those immigrants because there are some other jobs that the Americans themselves cannot do.

Adding to this, Mvula also said that the new president has never been a politician and has a nationalist view on the world hence he advocates for simple answers to difficult and complex problems.

Speaking on the relationship between the USA and Malawi, Mvula said he does not see any change coming because this relationship has always been there for a long time under both Republicans and Democrats but said maybe Malawi’s position may shift down the pecking order depending on the new priorities of his administration.

“I see Trump more serious on certain issues for example against corruption ad government wastages on the public resources and Trump is a businessman who might priotise on promoting trade rather than giving aid to nations, but I still expect to continue helping Malawi in the various spheres and as a country we should get ready for whatever may come with Trump,” added Mvula.

Trump defeated his opponent Hillary Clinton to become 45th United States President.

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