Cousins in for attempting to sell nephews

Two people of the same family in Mchinji district are in police custody after they attempted to sell their two nephews.

According to Mchinji police spokesperson, Kaitano Lubrino, the two suspects are Yesaya Etifala, 31, and Ackim James, 22, both from Lameck village T/A Mkanda in Mchinji.

Lubrino said the two confessed that they indeed approached businessman Jason Mvula, 42, offering to sell him their two relatives.

lets_do_businessThe suspects claimed to have been heavily struck by poverty and hoped the move would end their financial problems.

Mvula who is a butchery owner made it clear to police that the suspects from October 10 this year until October 19 have been going to his house offering to sell him two featherless chickens (meaning the victims).

This puzzled him and prompted him to tip the police whilst on the other hand he kept on making further deliberate transactions with the suspects.

They agreed to be given K300,000 from K350,000 which they earlier proposed as the price of the two young boys aged 5 and 10.

Collective efforts by Mkanda Police Unit and the butchery owner yielded good results as the suspects were cornered on October 19 before they could harm the boys.

Meanwhile the suspects will appear before court to answer charges of buying or disposing of any person as a slave which is contrary to section 267 of the penal code and attracts a maximum penalty of seven years IHL when one is found guilty.
Meanwhile, the police are warning all people indulging or planning to do any illegal business saying the police will arrest them.



  1. Panyapawo amenewo, musamvere chson akafere komweko, komaso ogulayo afufuzdwe anthuwo adadzwa bwanj kt ieyo amagula featherless chkens?

  2. Makape akafele kundende,osafuna kugwira ntchito,mumafuna mutalemela ngati mbama pakamodzi pwaa! anthu osafunika pamudzi.basi ndakwiya.

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