24 October 2016 Last updated at: 9:38 AM

LWB punishes customers watering flowers with treated water

Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) has embarked on a campaign to disconnect water from customers found watering flowers and lawns using treated water.

According to LWB assistant public relations officer Vanessa Chidyaonga, the campaign has already started in some parts of the city.

She said they stated an order through the media informing all their customers to refrain from using treated water for watering flowers due lower water levels at their water sources.

watering-flowersChidyaonga added that those who do not comply with the order will face the music adding that the order was communicated to everyone.

“Yes we are doing that and this is following an order which we put on local radio stations, newspapers as well as television stations not to water their loans and flowers using the treated water,” confirmed Chidyaonga.

The assistant publicist added that they visited offices of the department of tourism and National Initiative for Civic education (Nice) where it was established that they were still watering flowers using the treated water.

She added that they also visited Area 12 residential plots where it was also revealed that the order was ignored. Chidyaonga said they have since confiscated a good number of metres.

The development has however been criticized by water board customers who argued that they pay for the water and have the freedom to use according to their wishes.

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