Malawian Christians urged to be vigilant

Saulos Chilima Catholic Church

Vice President Saulos Chilima on Saturday urged Christians to remain faithful and vigilant in preaching the word of God.

Chilima made the remarks at Maula Roman Catholic Parish in Lilongwe during Golden Jubilee Celebrations to mark 50 years of the existence of the Association of Men Religious in Malawi (AMRIM) and Association of Women Religious in Malawi (AWRIM).

“I would like to urge all Christians to be faithful and preach the word of God to Christians to enable them to be followers of Jesus Christ,” said Malawi veep.

Saulos Chilima
Saulos Chilima made the call.

Chilima also thanked religious organisations in the country for preaching the word of God and spearheading development activities aimed at uplifting people’s spiritual lives.

The Veep further spelt out the need for Christians to remain united and work together in spreading the word of God.

On health, Chilima asked people to practise modern family planning methods to avoid maternal deaths.

“It is high time people took seriously issues of family planning to ensure a healthy nation,” he said.

Chilima then hailed various religious leaders in the country for the role they play in development activities and preaching the word of God.

The Golden Jubilee Celebrations mark years of AWRIM and AMRIM’s dedicated service to the nation.

Both AWRIM and AMRIM men and women make three vows— obedience, poverty, and chastity.