18 August 2016 Last updated at: 4:55 PM

Escom out with energy saver bulbs sale again

Amid increasing blackouts, the Electricity Supply Cooperation of Malawi (Escom) says it will soon commence on a campaign to sell energy saver bulbs nationwide.

The development comes few years after Escom distributed similar bulbs nationwide for free in order to save energy and reduce blackouts.

This time the electricity supplier hopes to save over 100 megawatts.

energy saver bulbAccording to Escom’s manager at the Kapichira falls, William Liabunya, they thought of launching the initiative due to high demand of electricity which has led to frequent blackouts in the country.

Liabunya said the difference between this year’s energy saver campaign from the previous one is that this time the bulbs will be sold. However he claimed that they will be sold at a subsidized price.

“There are a number of initiatives that Escom is doing that can mitigate the effects of high demand for the electricity.

“You might have heard also that Escom has installed 10 megawatts of diesel generator in Lilongwe. We are procuring energy saver bulbs to be sold to our customers but at a subsidized price and we won’t make any profit,” said Liabunya.

He added that the bulbs will be sold to both domestic and industrial consumers.

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