Escom out with energy saver bulbs sale again


Amid increasing blackouts, the Electricity Supply Cooperation of Malawi (Escom) says it will soon commence on a campaign to sell energy saver bulbs nationwide.

The development comes few years after Escom distributed similar bulbs nationwide for free in order to save energy and reduce blackouts.

This time the electricity supplier hopes to save over 100 megawatts.

energy saver bulbAccording to Escom’s manager at the Kapichira falls, William Liabunya, they thought of launching the initiative due to high demand of electricity which has led to frequent blackouts in the country.

Liabunya said the difference between this year’s energy saver campaign from the previous one is that this time the bulbs will be sold. However he claimed that they will be sold at a subsidized price.

“There are a number of initiatives that Escom is doing that can mitigate the effects of high demand for the electricity.

“You might have heard also that Escom has installed 10 megawatts of diesel generator in Lilongwe. We are procuring energy saver bulbs to be sold to our customers but at a subsidized price and we won’t make any profit,” said Liabunya.

He added that the bulbs will be sold to both domestic and industrial consumers.



  1. Yes, it’s a great deal. If all Malawians are to use energy saver bulbs, Malawi will never experience blackouts anymore, no more loadshadings. Lets join our hands together by not using too much electricity. We must always switch off all appliances that are not in use. By doing so, we will save our beautiful Malawi from collapsing. Let us all love our country!

  2. Kumangowavesesa athuwa mages akamazma, makampani okonza makandulo amawadandaulir kut sakupeza ndalama zochuluka nde apange zotheka kut mages azzima pafup pafup kt nawonso aztha kupeza phndu lochuluka

  3. Kodi Ma Babuwo Magets Ake Alikuti Poti Ngakhale Pano Nikulankhura Pano Mages Kulibe Ine Akayaka Ni 100wats Bas Ati Nimalipira Iwowo Chawakhudza Mchani

  4. Vuto ndi limenelo, tapangan zot magetsi atleast aziyaka osat blackout all day long, kugulitsa energy saver zopoira munga save magetsi ochuluka motan? Otherwise pezan alternative, musangopanga katangale kumeneko ayi mxiiiie!

  5. Asiye kupanga magetsi azigulitsa ma bulb chifukwa ayionelera kut imeneyo ndi business yotentha.osamupasa munthu wina bwanji kut azigulisa iyeyo inu muzilimbana ndi kufukula madzi?

  6. apa nde escom yabalika heavy.they are failing to produce energy! we have more blackouts than light ins, what energy must be saved! we are having lest than ten hours of light! and about fourtin hrs of no light thus saving power you dont have is a joke!

  7. Why not go for LED lights. These they can have a problem with siege. LED last long long time and they dont need lot of power. Engineers and electrians must work this out 4rm robots to domestic use. U c if we can send our kids to Univesity they can come with better ideas. Visit www light Its cheap

    • Mr Mkandawire

      Actually Escom is going for LED bulbs and not energy saver bulbs. It was a misquote by the reporter. And indeed what you are saying is very true.

      Thanks for your comments.

  8. xauchitsilu zopusa basi alibe nzeru agalu a Escom anuwo malawi angatukuke bwanji popanda magetsi????? ntchito zathu zikumaima mkumatipanikiza ndi mitsokho!!! Boma lakuba ngati iri. stupid gvmnt….. 577.Billion sikanakwana kukhonzela ma getsi???? mbava zokha zokha!! mxiiiiiiiii!!!!!!

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