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By August 18, 2016

A family in Malawi’s old capital city of Zomba says it will sue the Malawi Prison Service for having a hand in the death of their son, Malawi24 has learnt.

According to reports reaching this publication, the young man Maxwell Kamwendo died earlier last week at Mikuyu prison and his body was taken to Zomba hospital without the knowledge of his parents.

Three days later, Kamwendo’s parents went to Zomba prison to cheer their son who was in his 20s but were told that he had been transferred to Mikuyu prison.

However, when they got to Mikuyu prison the parents were informed that their son was at Zomba prison, something that angered them and they started protesting.

Mikuyu Prison

Mikuyu Prison

Later authorities at the institution revealed that Kamwendo had been taken to Zomba hospital saying he was critically ill.

Upon stepping into ward number 11 at the Zomba hospital which is specialized for prisoners only, the parents were shocked to hear that their son died three days earlier.

According to an uncle of the deceased, Alfred Tchati, it has been revealed that Kamwendo was killed by some prison warders after beating him up for a reason which is yet to be established.

Tchati emphasized that their family will sue the Malawi prison for the death of their son and for not telling them that their son was dead.

The other three prisoners who were beaten together with Kamwendo are still in the ward and are using wheel chairs as they can’t walk.

Meanwhile, Zomba prison has distanced itself from the matter saying they know nothing.

Malawi Prison Service publicist Smart Maliro says Kamwendo was killed by some villagers since he stole clothes after he had run away from the farm where he was working with fellow inmates.


  1. Felo Maruo says:

    Plz non governmental org take ahand .pepani ofedwa

  2. Very sorry for the issue

  3. @ square, are u aware that other pple are in prison because they dont have money or their case was corrupted/bribed. Its not all pple who are in prison commited crime. Sometime wrongful identification. And being in prison doesn’t mean u must be killed. U have a right to leave. I support them sue them.

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  13. Malawi too porous to protect lives..its a sham though..pepani akubanja..

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  15. Fred Spack says:

    Very Xory About The Isue.