Water problems to persist in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe


The dry days in Lilongwe are not over yet and residents of the city should brace for even tougher times in which water will keep being rationed.

According to the Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) public relations officer Bright Sonani, the development is as a result of low levels of water in Lilongwe River which is the main source of the city’s water.

Sonani said people in the city especially those from the affected areas should hang on as they will start receiving normal water from the board as soon as the rains begins.

water crisis

Water shortages to continue in Lilongwe.

“As we have been saying, the water problem that has hit hard the city isn’t our fault. This is due to the climate change which has seen more environmental things changing.

“We had inadequate rain last season and that led to the lowering of water levels in our water sources and that’s why we have been encouraging our customers to use the available water wisely until the problem will be over,” said Sonani.

He added that the board is working tirelessly to find other means of supplying water to its customers and one of the alternative solutions is to dig up boreholes in some areas of the city.

Meanwhile, the board has blamed people in the city especially those staying along the Lilongwe River for contributing to the worsening of the water problem by cutting trees along the river bank and stealing LWB materials such as water pipes.

Some most affected areas in the city according to the board are Kawale, Chilinde, and areas 23, 24, and 22.



  1. 31 years ago why he did not realized that one day the small Lilongwe river will dry.We will not enjoy our home land because of those who were laying foundation of our nation and to fix them will require sacrifice of love to the next generations.Other countries have enough electric power ,good road networks ,hospitals because their ancestors planned for them and cities have all they need .

  2. we got much water in our like but still in city dry always 52 year independent absolutely nothing atil to day /it is terrible story water is life please mr president here as our crying please.

  3. Lilongwe is growing big very fast and therefore needs a reliable water source. We should really think about getting water from Lake Malawi. However, on the other hand I am just curious on how this can work; Salima’s altitude is about 513 metres, while Lilongwe is at around 1,050 metres.

    This means as the water travels the 115 Km distance from Salima to LL it will also have to climb a vertical distance of 537m (i.e. 1,050m – 513m). How much electricity shall we need to pump that water? All this needs a good amount of Engineering science from real universities.

  4. And yet we have lake Malawi just 115km away ashhhhh my Malawi.is it nt possible to find another company to tap water from our lake and bring it to the capital?kapena tikufuna azungu atipangile?

  5. After 52 yrs of indepence despite having fresh water in lake malawi and shire river malawi is still complaining about water problems. and on top of that electricity is also our problem as if its for free yet we pay for us to acces it, where is the change in ths 52 years? Even in capital city? Hehehehehe

  6. Despite having our own beautiful fresh waters in lake Malawi still having problems in water availability in our cities, and all what our MPs are asking for is free WI-FI

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