21 people arrested in Balaka for walking at night


The archaic laws of rogue and vagabond have slapped 21 people in Balaka and the Police are counting it as victory as they have also managed to apprehend people on their wanted list.

Police in Balaka district on Saturday night arrested 21 people in a sweeping exercise they conducted.

According to the district’s police public relations officer Inspector Edith Kachotsa, the arrested people are being suspected to have committed several crimes in the district and other surrounding areas.

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Police officers alert. (Library)

Kachotsa said five of the men were also on the police wanted list as they committed crimes such as house breaking and theft while the other nabbed suspects will answer charges of rogue and vagabond except one person who was found in possession of Indian hemp.

“For the last two months we received several complaints of house breaking and theft. So, upon seeing the increased number of the complaints, we thought of conducting a sweeping exercise and there it goes where 21 suspects with different crimes have been arrested,” said Kachotsa.

The publicist continued by saying that their aim is to reduce incidences of crime since they have been recording many cases over the past year.

The 21 suspects will appear in court soon to answer charges laid against them.



  1. Koma anthu awa mmmmmm nanga anabadwa mimba imodzi akangoti wapolice nkhani yake kuba kudzela mu dzina agalu zitsilu bwanji osamakamangako anthu akuba misonkho ya anthu osaukawa

  2. Malawian laws suck bigtime. Rogue and vagabond ndiye kuti chani, zachamba basi. U failing to jail government officials who embezzle our taxes daily mukakhala busy kulimbana with anthu ochokera ku mowa. Pure morons

  3. So the so called rogue and vagabond law does not apply to those driving in the evening? Do they know that some Criminals use cars to get away after their dirty mission.. So a poor person like me who doesn’t have a car if I am walking in the evening I am a criminal? Ok I see

    • No1 no1 my dear sister!! True fact! The rules by the Malawi constitution r hindering only poor pple and not those who Made them

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