We are coming for you: MultiChoice to arrest Malawians using South African decoders and accounts


Multichoice Malawi which has seen a drop in subscription owing to their expensive prices has finally decided to go on a hunt to comb for all Malawians who are using South African registered decoders and accounts.

In a press statement released to the media, Multichoice has indicated that it is aware of the rising number of Malawians who are subscribing to Multichoice in South Africa and are paying for those accounts.

According to Multichoice, this trend is illegal as it violates copyright laws and also it puts at risk customers who get poor quality of services.


Malawians warned on using RSA registered decoders.

However, Multichoice has indicated that it is not just sitting down with its arms folded but it will be starting a manhunt of the businesses that are selling the South African services to Malawians. Multichoice has also indicated that it will hit at all the customers of that service and drag them to Court.

However in an interview with Malawi24 a dealer of the South African services laughed at the suggestion by Multichoice that he will be prosecuted for selling the South African services to Malawians.

“It is not my fault that most Malawians find Multichoice Malawi expensive, it is the fault of Multichoice Malawi,” he said.

The dealer then urged Multichoice Malawi to simply reduce its prices so that they fall in line with those of other African countries if they want to remain in business.

In recent years a number of Malawians have decided to subscribe to the South African accounts of Multichoice citing that their pay is low when compared with their Malawian counterparts.

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