Time for the African Passport – AU

Jean Mfasoni

The African Union (AU) has called for the need to have an African passport as a way of having a more integrated continent.

The development will see the use of visa within Africa coming to an end as Africans are to share a common passport.

Speaking at the Editors Forum in Accra – Ghana, AU advisor Jean Mfasoni said all African leaders are to have an African passport by July at the AU summit.

Jean Mfasoni
Jean Mfasoni made the suggestion.

Mfasoni added that AU will be looking forward to see all Africans having a common passport as one way of promoting trade among Africans.

He said officials at AU are already using the African passport when travelling across Africa.

Meanwhile, Ghana and Rwanda have since announced plans to abolish visa requirements for Africans travelling to the two countries.

The practicability of the arrangement of an African Passport however is negatively affected by some countries such as South Africa who are stringent with their border controls.