More problems for Malawi: New maize disease discovered 


…Ministry in sensitization campaign

The ministry of agriculture has embarked on a campaign aimed at sensitizing Agricultural officers about a new maize disease called maize lethal necrosis.

Maize lethal necrosis is a disease that attacks maize and it has mostly affected East African countries like Kenya and Tanzania.

According to director for crop development in the ministry of agriculture Godfrey Ching’oma, the disease kills leaves of maize and then affect crop production.

Maize Malawi

Struck by new disease.

Ching’oma said there is need for agriculture officers to know more about the disease and sensitize farmers on the disease.

“There is a new disease that attacks maize called maize lethal necrosis so as a ministry we are sensitizing agricultural officers who will sensitize local farmers,” said Ching’oma.

He added that there is need for traders to understand that they must not import maize from countries that have been affected by the disease.

Ching’oma also said that farmers must make sure that they do not plant imported maize but use it for consumption. He further urged the farmers to follow precaution measures so that the disease must not enter the country.



  1. Repent..God will heal our hearts and land…wamakutu anve…still worst times are coming.keep calm.repent irepeat repent

  2. This is the result of GM seeds plz wake up ma guys this is what this fake seeds do give u hope with the first yield but destroys ur land hence all ma diseases now u have to buy pesticides more money for Monsanto and their cronies.

  3. It is an old disease but newly introduced in Malawi, cross-border trading plus ravages of climate change might have facilitated it. In 1979, Dr YP Rao in his many lectures on pathology talked about it…..I can even remember his pronunciation on maize necrosis as, “meji necrochichi”….

  4. God is punishing us. The best way to do is to repent our sins. Government members u have to repent for destroying God’s land. Malawi too much blood shed. And too much stealing. God is not happy with us. God forgive us all. Have mercy on us

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