Beer kills a man in Nkhotakota


A 60 year-old man in Nkhotakota district has died due to excessive liquor intake.

The deceased – Kalata Mdukamwera – was a drunkard and earned a living through piece works, according to his brother Yosofati Chilooko.

BeerOn the fateful day, the deceased told his relatives that he was going to a neighbouring village to search for piecework at rice farms.

But he never returned and was found dead by children who were hunting grasshoppers in a nearby bush. The incident was reported to the village head who notified the police.

According to Nkhotakota Police Public Relations Officer Sub Inspector Williams Kaponda, Police together with medical officers visited the scene and a post-mortem conducted revealed that the Mdukamwera died due to Hypoglycaemia as a result of excessive beer drinking.

Mdukamwera hailed from Kanyangale Village, Traditional Authority Mwadzama in Nkhotakota.



  1. signs of despondency: he drunk more to forget problems of hunger in his family but he has created more unresolved to the same. malawians lets learn to adopt coping measures in time of desperation.

  2. nkhotakota mwezi ndi mwezi kukumafa munthu ndi mowa kod inu atolankhanai ndi nkhotakota yokhayo kuli dzi dakwa??????

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