Killer bars rain in Islamic swag remix


Hours are numbered before the remix of Islamic Swag, a song that is buzzing on media platforms in Malawi, gets released under Malawi Rap Battles Records (MRBR) featuring nine rappers.

Misso, the artist behind the original song, has involved other rappers’ services so as to give it a new feel. With people’s expectations high, the rapper cannot wait but drop the hit on the 10th of June.

Misso on the Islamic swag remix.

In an exclusive interview with Malawi24 on Tuesday, Misso revealed the artists featured in the remix as: Blista, Nyasa B, Spar Kay, Denmark, Cripsy MW, Exiegie, Psalms, and Nicdam. He added that the release date will be very special as it falls on Friday when Muslims take to the mosque to worship Allah.

The remix, which Malawi24 has, exposes a variety of styles delivered in English and vernacular languages. However, all artists find common ground in the concept as they all speak highly of their preferred style, Islamic swag, against the trending ung’onoung’ono.

The seven minute and fifty two seconds track is in a hip hop genre that has only been localised with the use of Chichewa, and Chiyao. The rappers therein employs code-switching involving the said vernacular languages plus English.

The use of Islamic signals, and Yao language distinguishes the product from the rest thereby making it unique. Misso considers himself highly favoured to make the release at a time when Muslims are observing the holy month of Ramadan.

Islamic swag will be available on Malawi music website for downloads upon release tomorrow. Therefore get ready for the redesigned swag ya chi jomba, as the style is also known.



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