170 Malawians stuck


SOSThe future of over 170 Malawians who are living at a camp in the area of Sub-Traditional Authority Nthunduwala in Kasungu is not clear as there is still no place allocated for them to settle and farm.

The villagers have been living at the camp for about five years and they have lost their livelihood as they rely on Government aid.

In September 2012, the villagers fled to Zambia after police razed down their houses and destroyed their crops for encroachin on Kasungu National Park but were repatriated home a month later following discussions between Malawi and Zambia.

Government representative at the camp Archangel Bonongwe said the villagers have no where to go after estates were closed.

But Member of Parliament for the area, Alex Meja, said Kasungu District Council is handling the matter.



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