MEC rolls out constituency demarcation exercise

Kalonga Willie

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) is to start constituency demarcation exercise this month.

Kalonga Willie
Kalonga: Confirmed the news.

According to MEC Chief Elections Officer, Willie Karonga the electoral body has in this years strategic plan that it conduct the exercise and will spend approximately 520000000 (five hundred and 20 million kwacha) on the demarcation exercise which is expected to end in 2017.

He said the constitution of the Republic of Malawi states that the electoral body should be demarcating constituencies after every five years and its been ages since the commission last conducted the demarcation exercise.

” The demarcation is long over due since it have not been done since 1998 when constituencies were last demarcated”.

He added that the treasury has contributed Three Hundred Million Kwacha for the first phase of the exercise and the remaining Two Hundred and Twenty Million Kwacha will be provided in the second phase.

He further said Commonwealth is in to offer technical support to MEC and the consultant is expected to chip in to help in developing guide lines for the exercise.

10 thoughts on “MEC rolls out constituency demarcation exercise

  1. certain things wont help this nation even if you can demacate 1contituency to one person ..lets apply economic ways inorder to develop our nation.we are on danger of hunger,drug shortage,inflation,curruption,poverty and many more even if you can stop to demarcate malawians will not die (lets try to think like chinese please)

  2. No need. Spare us our few kwachas please. Izi ndinjira zokabera ndalama. You take too long to announce the results of 193 constituencies, what about more than that.

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