Malawi’s Prophet Bushiri caught with pants down, again

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) who has earned himself a reputation as a man of God with succinct prophecies yet has attracted controversies to himself ranging from sex scandals to lies has been caught in another storm once again.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
Bushiri (center) with children alleged to be his caught pants down

Information that Malawi24 has indicates that the flamboyant prophet who not long ago made a ridiculous claim that he had been blessed with a private jet which has never been seen by anybody has been lying to the media that he has been chosen chair of an organisation called AFFRICI.

Information on one online newspaper indicated that Bushiri had been elected the President of the said organisation which is said to be a gathering of religious leaders in Africa that aspire to assist in development.

However, sources have confided to Malawi24 that the claims are like that of the jet and are mere attempts by the boastful man of God to publicly raise his image.

“There is no such an organisation like the AFFRICI” said a source close to the prophet who acknowledged being a part of the team that cooked the story. “That is just written to sell the brand of the prophet.”

A search by Malawi24 on the internet revealed that the organisation has no presence on the web further casting doubts if it exists.

One person who commented on the issue declared that Bushiri was a liar who was seeking vain glory and had therefore used his PR team to create a fabricated story so as to appear influential in Africa.

“A simple google search will display the vanity of this self-glorifying exercise by the conman, this Naava quoted has a beautiful record as a conwoman. Simply type in the search box, AFRRICI and see the results,” commented one person on a post that was shared on Facebook about the prophet being appointed the President of the non-existent organisation.

When Malawi24 went to search for Catherine Naava Nabagesera who was quoted in the story as affirming Bushiri’s appointment it discovered that she is alleged as one of the extortionists in Uganda who hides behind the name of God as Bushiri himself.

Further contrary to the article Naava Nabagesera is not an advisor of Museveni on religious affairs as it was claimed in the PR stunt by the prophet who was in the courts for denying responsibility of a baby who resembled him and the public concluded was his.

“The article was cooked by us, we just submitted it to the media house and there was no verification of it or whatsoever. There is no truth in it and that is our PR job,” said one of Bushiri’s trusted press man who opted for anonymity.

When the prophet was put on the spot over the issue he threatened our reporter with legal action if this story was to see the light of day.

The prophet currently has been under fire on social media after a Malawi news network report claimed he had alleged that Malawi president Peter Mutharika is a Satanist and is making the country poor as God’s punishment.



  1. Major major 1 no matter what they say god is watching them.just tell god to bless them son of god. They need deliverance.
    I say they must receive in the name of holy ghooo. I believe in you. Keep dancing prophecy dance for them . I receive

  2. Jelousy is getting deeper.Man of god just be strong and keep on preatching words of god.So that in two year to come we wont have demons that they’ve bein spreading about you.We will pray for you too to be strong.Pray for us and god bless you too and grand you with more years to come,Amen


  4. Major 1 pliz pray 4 me everything about me z stagnant,pliz man of God i ve no job,my wife denied me saying she wil nt marry me bcoz no job,Chalo, frm Zambia.

  5. Prophet I have been hearing about you so much, may I ask you to be appearing on the channels like Soweto, Bay, KZN or any normal channels since the one you serv in is not setting to everybody.Am also like to follow the services.

  6. The Egyptians that you have been seeing all these years you will see them no more. where is the devil now?? My papa’s quotes Major prophet. He is a spiritual deditorial commander he is heavenly defended. Power iyeeee it is done. 9 months in my mother womb,I was born to do this.Do IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I don’t care about what people say, but about what God is saying and guess what, HE IS STILL SPEAKING today. Keep watching prophetic channel and stay blessed.

  8. Major only 1, I watch your satellite everyday and i saw great and wanders you which are doing in the life of the people. Sir, go on, God is with you. I want you to pray for me against prayerlessness, poverty, lust,marital stagnancy. Pray for financial breakthrough and spiritual growth. Sir kindly send me your e-mail address i am a Cameroon and we find it difficult to reach you.

  9. @ Mike J. Kangwele…haven’t you seen Bushiris’s Jet? I have seen it….

    …write another story my brother, cause this one is invalid…I hope you are praying and asking for forgiveness. Major 1 will deal with you my brother..E…

  10. Major 1,i’ve been watching you through prophetic channel,and im soo blessed,please go deeper papaa,my family,husband,my health,finance,all need deliverance,please go deeper deeper,deeper Pappaa

  11. They will keep on criticizing,telling wrong stories but they’ll never take even a single hair from his head.The least they can do is to follow him cause he is indeed the humble servant of God.The Major One with true and accurate prophecy and he’s not a fake. Shalom.

  12. Major1 forgive them papa those are statements of spiritually blind people and cannot see,may be they want to touch and feel plane.Now that the jet is no longer spiritual but physical. what is their comments.

  13. major 1 a man of God almighty, a son of God. do something papa in my life and in my children and my whole family. help my son terrence to quiet smoking anything that is not good for his body and health.i believe in you as you are God;s servant. keep up the good work of the Lord Pastor Bhushiri

  14. Dear Chief Major General Prophet Bushiri,
    I didn’t get any chance to contact you other than watching you on prophetic channel.I saw your miraculous work Subduing the kingdom of darkness and healing any physically disabled people in the name of Jesus Christ.I kindly request you to pray for me to overcome any financial problems and to have sound health.I am eager to hear from.

  15. i guess malawi24, wants to sell their puplishing, n they might win on selling their news, but ma major is real, true n accurate prophet, n ma advice to u is y don’t u go to him n ask to pray for u, am sure if prays for u he ur sales will b doubled,

  16. Whether in good report or bad report, Christ is being preached… Love u Papa..(Malawi)

  17. Major don’t know me I don’t know.i only watch you on prophetic channl.deliver me,my children,my husband,my brothers and sisters.go deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep papa.major 1.from ngeria

  18. Major, Major, Major, do something papa, pray for them, whatever they said just pray and forgive them because they do not know what they are doing. You are a true Man of God . Even our Lord Jesus when He was in this world He has been criticised by his own people where He came from. Your purpose in this world is to preach the good news of God, deliver the people of God from the bondage of satan. We love Major, You are a true Man of God. Remain blessed Man of God.

  19. ppl are like water, maybe u dnt understnd we use water for all purpose of life… This Prophet has a practical proffesional skill of devil, satan His the Master of materialised ppl like u this prophet is a right product for u. U hv been recruited to dark kingdom unaware due miracle… This guy his pure fake….

  20. Man of god, don’t be discourage god will give u more strength bless u de more. Luv so much pray me n my family (GHANAIAN)

    1. Major 1,u are a true man of God.we love u nd we believe in ur true something in my life,my family nd my career. U r so Power full my papa.eyeeeeeeee

  21. Major 1,do something papa,ur a man of GOd.your true,your prophecy is accurate.don’t worry about ppl.continue to preach the gospel papa.1 + 1=2,you can question the prophecy but you cannot question the result.

  22. Prophet, Major 1 do not worry about people who write nonsense about you because they are bankrupted spiritually. Please prayer for them because they need deliverance. Vengeance belongs to GOD and not to man. The very people will one day come and ask for forgiveness from you for what they are doing. Whether they are clergymen or laymen, the bottom line is that they are demon possessed full stop.

    Finally,Major one, continue the good works that you started and may God grant you long life and increase His grace upon your life, and your calling in the name of Jesus.

  23. Please pray for my family major 1 we really need name is Dickson kondowe from zambia

  24. I love this man of God’s teaching and he opened my eyes.How can a demon be against its own kingdom wont it be contrary? People open your eyes and repent.time has come for the true worshippers to worship Him in truth and in spirit! I love God and thats why I love men of God like this including senior prophet TB Joshua.The devil is in trouble and confused. Rosa Namibia

    1. Pray for me for a business and miracle money as welll as spiritual upliftment man of God.together we stand in jesus name

      1. oh! man of god im in Botswana i have problem things are not going well on control,so deliver me man of de name of jesus amen.

  25. Do you know the person your talking about major 1. This a true prophet of God.

  26. you have uplifted my life mojor1 ilove u pray 4 me am in ntchisi malawi

  27. satan has put his agents in the media field, so no wonder you maybe one of them. the man you are talking of has a jet and his is the chair person of the said organisation and his is a millionaire yet you are wasting your time talking nonsense. may God forgive you.

    1. Major 1 u are a true man of God.we love u nd we believe in your something in my life,my family nd career

  28. To me this just the beginning,because for a long time we had been waiting to see God;s power at work,but through major 1,we realise the manifestation of God;s spirit at work,its not a suprise that the world is against the God;s ability working in major,remember thats what happenned to Jesus himself,and if dont believe what major 1 is doing,i guess the is something about your spiritual life,seek deliverance and come clean again,I LOVE GOD OF MAJOR 1,PAPA BUSHIRI,IYEE………………….

  29. What a gift from God to our present generation ! Major 1 prophecy! go deeper! we love you, the devil has no better job because of his CO which carries just 3 things ( KSD ) to Kill -Steal -Destroy. God who started this marvelous work in you will back you till the end, remain blessed

  30. Prophet Bushiri just like TB Joshua is a real Man of God.No matter how much mudslinging his way,the more anointing he gets.

  31. Major1 go deeper papa prophecy… may our God richly bless you. Iyeeeeeeeee power…!!!!!!!!

  32. I salute You major 1. Even Jesus were not recognized by the work. Keep up

  33. Major 1 we love you. People are jealous of what you are doing. May God protect you. Iyeeeeeeeeee. Power

    1. Major1….major something..iyeeee! Wow to me you more like everythng..i love you papa..everythng tht u lose on earth it is lose on heaven..God bless You

  34. Major 1 you are the great prophet, God has chosen you as a prophet. Let the will of God be done. You are blessing to my life as well as my family may the mighty God increase you and give you the wisdom of Solomon,

    1. he is indeed a sent prophet of God,he is a blessing to this world

  35. provide you dont forget why jesus came on earth your walking on air does not save anyone.becareful when you think the world is in your hands may one day God recommend you not the world

  36. Devel faild long time devil was rooming looking hu he can win,he met god n say to him give me job yo trusted servent to show yu I can win him.lord says go for I knw u won’t make.devil did all bad n horable thns to job but job neva be angry to god rada cme closer to god.
    Write all way u want to sell yo papers I wil not forsaken god.s sevent prophet bushir.

  37. Concerning walking on the air. He will nt just walk but soar like an eagle rem. the story of philip after meeting ethiopian eunuch. The next time papa is going for any crusade he will fly on the air with al his people nt using jet bt legs because the law of gravity can also be stanch in the name of JESUS THE MOST HIGH. GOD has sent his major prophet the devil n the critics connived with the devil to hamper the annointing in this prophet of our generation are in trouble. BE DELIVERED OF UR HATRED N JOULOSY. Proooooooooooooooooopheesyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy papa looking foward to meet with u in ecg may GOD ELEVATE N CULMINATE U HIGHER MY FATHER

  38. Major, Major No 1 never mind pipo who are speaking against you. Even God was tortured who are you not to? Just stand firm because you know the God you are saving is not a fake God. iyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. in our family we don’t stress we relax…
    God of Abraham, Jacob,Moses, David., Isaac n Shepherd Bushiri will fight for us # Forward we Go→→→→→→→→→→→

  40. reblozanta lamanda lazopa .Liboshaka lavaguva lemende. vokasalamakusha lebelebe.DIVOKANTA lamanda halaluja.

  41. i dont trust this prophet b coz what z doing is against god i never saw such a thing emmidiately when he praiz for someone for a barreness and get pregnat.he is jst a liar bushiri be careful with god

  42. Major 1 your GOD is doing wonders in our lives let them talk we are not going back anymore u r healing our souls n our lives you are healing sick the way JESUS was donig let them talk they will perish beacuse they lack knowledge we will support u in what ever u do we continue arrange buses, taxis and cars etc. to ECG LIMPOPO ROCK beacause of you PAPA the devil is failling thats the reason he roarrrr you are the REAL MAN OF GOD when they are still busy critisizing we are busy receiving our blessings and breakthrough IYEEEEEEEE

  43. The devil is a liar and he was a liar from the beginning.We overcome by the blood of Jesus and by the word of our testimony. Our Prophet Major One is Power of God at work.

  44. I love and respect u papa…major1 iyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!prophecy

  45. you can say whatever or do whatever you want because all of you who talks bad about my daddy MAJOR 1 your still in the darkness for us who we have seen and our live changed because of this man we will always worship and prays the god of prophet Shepard bushiri who do miracle in our lives and we hope that one day you will come out of the darkness and join us at ECG with our daddy eeeeeeyyyyyeeeee Major Original do something AKA BAZOOKA I will always love you son of god for god is doing shocking miracle through you for the spirit of god lives in side you thats why people say what they are saying now PPPPOOOWWWEERRRR EEEEYYYYEEEEE SHALOM.

  46. That will not stop me from following the major 1,love him even more

    1. Yes nothing can separate us from the love of God,we will follow our Prophet and love him more and more

  47. never u publish or say anything again against a man of God like this cause GOD will surely curse u

  48. The people can not stop talking, Major Prophet of GOD, keep on doing the good job of GOD, no one will stop man of GOD.We are blessed and delivered.
    They can question 1+1 but not the answer which is 2.

    satan in trouble. Major…Major…Major 1.

  49. Major Major; my son by the name of Katlego,does not attend school anymore and he is so forgetful and on drugs. Kagiso is the second born man of God pray for them to finish school. Kagiso when he is sitting waching TV he sees nasty pictures in front of his face man of God. The elder one is having slow development, the breathing is so heavy at night and cannot cope at schoo her teacher is complaing all the time. Pray for this husband or man that i’m having now; i love him very much. I want to build a life for the rest of my life with him man of God.I always sees you on TV helping lot of people man of God. Pray for me so that i can go and work somewhere because i need to change the environment.

    1. major one. keep it up the greet work of God. it does not matter what devil say, devil is so jealous, for what God is doing through you.

  50. Major 1 they make talk but they won’t stop u pls man of God my business of paramedic school is going down less student are coming to register also I have register a company it never work I need God to opened the doors

  51. Can you please pray for my husband, he has a drinking problem, he becomes wild and he sees things and talks alone and when he sees my face its like Im a monster to him. it is affecting our kids , our family and our marriage In a very negative way.

  52. i don’t have the right to comment. i also watch the channel but i don’t have the spiritual eyes to see if he is true or false, only God the might knows. I pray that God will one day open my eyes.

  53. Just by touching the screen I see great miracles, my business has unfolded. Even Jesus was condemened. For doing Good. Am in Zambia please keep praying for me. Am believing God for my white husband

  54. am sure you satanists, calling evill names against Major Prophet Bushiri, you are ashemed!!! Glory be to the God of the prophet!


  56. PROPHET SHERPARD BUSHIRI YOU ARE TOO MUCH, your annoiting has shaken the kingdom of darkness, YOU ARE MOVING FROM GLORY TO ANOTHER GLORY, THEY ARE PUTTING YOU HIGHER AND HIGHER, KEEP ON PRESSING. may you please pray for my husband who is diagnosed with gall bladder cancer that has metas to the liver I BELIVE GOD CAN HEAL HIM THROUGH YOUR ANNOITING . GOD BLESS YOU

  57. The bible says ”do not touch my annointed ones”Bushiri is an annointed one of God.

  58. you can insult the prophet but not the anointing in him becoz it is written:who ever insults the child of God shall be forgiven but the one who insults the holy sprity shall not be careful with major 1 that man is annointed.

  59. Thereis nothing new nor newsworthy on what you reported.

    This we read in 2013 already with the same pics of children there, how can you call this news. Today you added a little bit of spice about the jet issue. For your info, we were flying on one of his jets two weeks ago to Malawi. The news about children is realy stale and it proofs now that you are lying , You say cought again but show something you reported on three years ago. What an attempt.

    I saw that 3 yrs ago but I am still 200% Bushiri follower, the more u do this is the more we become radical. We love God and stand unshaken

  60. There is nothing you can do to tarnish an image of the one appointed by God. This is like pouring water on a stone. The more you do this, is the more we become radical.

    200% Bushiri follower ,come rain nor sunshine.

    We are in the prophetic ministry, whatever you do or say is already foretold. We overcame this battle before it even started.

    There is nothing new nor newsworthy on what you reported now. We saw this article, 2013 already and now you twisted it a bit with a jet issue. By the way we flew on the same jet two weeks ago to Malawi.

  61. mayor 1 you are original do something iyeeeeeeeeeeeeee we love you papa keep on prophecising papa god bless you


    1. Mayor 1 i’m asking prayers deliver the healing on my body i have a problem with headache when it started paining i feel like there is something or snake walking in my head papa do something

  63. Myself I fear GOD, let the man of GOD heal and deliver people. STOP those critics. if he says yes no body can say no.

  64. Myself I fear GOD, let the man of GOD heal and deliver people. STOP those critics. if he yes no body can say no.

  65. I stopped believing in this guy, he is FAKE no salvation in him, he needs Jesus more than u followers do

  66. Thus sayeth me, I do not know this man and anyone who listens to him is a fool.

  67. You can question 1+1 but you cannot question the answer !!! Which is 2 amen !!! Move with Fire prophet !!!!

  68. Jesus Christ went through all of This. Papa You are from A Kingdom that is Unshakable Nd You cannot be Moved. i believe You are Here mandated By God to change our lives. it is well Papa this too shall pass Just keep on Keeping on. Christ is Your Reward We are 100% behi d You. love yu Papa.

  69. People may talk, make all kinds of accusations but the truth remains. When storms canes GOD raises the standard.iyeeeeeeeeeeeeee,papa keep doing what GOD has asingned you to do I love you papa

  70. My Papa Prophet Sherperd Bushiri You are a man of God. Glory be to God

  71. Major 1 , u have being send by God.We thank God for you. When I you coming to Botswana.

  72. God will continue to do great things through Major 1. The devil is a liar, a defeated enermy! Major 1 is the humble, anointed man of God. I will continue to pray for him that God may keep him for the lost souls. IYEEEEE

    1. Iyeeeee our papa our papa, our Major, our General out Commander the Googler, God has blessed us!

  73. Man of God you are a blessing to me and my family …..thank you. I am looking forward to an invitation to attend your services. Iyeeeeee…….I know you are not moved by any of this…

  74. By the way major 1 had prophecied that this we will happen…

  75. As far as I’ve had good news about Pastor Major 1, I was so inspired in a way that am planning to visit the church soon.Peaple outside they will never stop talking just because of jelousy .

    1. Evry singo person that talks bad bout the prophet of God,Prophet Major 1 will bring a generation curse upon them & thier families…if u dont blive in the prophet its betta u keep quiet rather than gettin acurse for your bad words,rememba if u talk bad bout him then u are insultin God coz he speaks through him…plus u can tell us bout the prophet u knw who rily is a heavenly sent…i declacre u people who talk bad bout the man of God u are the same people who will come runing on your knees asking for mercy in Jesus name

    2. We are not surprised, even Jesus Christ was rejected in His own home town that’s why He did not do a lot of miracles, we love our prophet Major1

  76. Man of God you are a servant of God And you brought change and peace in South Africa we are truly blessed


  78. Lord forgive them for they don’t know what they are saying.

  79. As long as Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Major 1 is healing, prophesying, delivering and all those miracle He is performing. As long He is doing all in Jesus’s name I will keep on following Him. Major 1 is a humble and God fearing man. People are scared of their thing that now there is a strong prophet who will expose them now they trying to bring a man of God down but they will never prosper. After the death of Jesus Christ If we read in the book of Acts we find that Peter was healing and he even woke a dead body up just in the name of Jesus Christ. Stop judging you people who are you to judge. I was going through a lot but after I started visiting a ECG now my life has changed. Major 1 do something iyeeeee. prophecyyyyy

  80. It is written in the Bible, that Jesus did not do much miracle in his home town because of their unbelief, here come same in Major 1, people of Malawi criticising this humble and highly forensic anointed and blessed man of Jehovah, please papa, The Major Prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, forgive them for they know not what they are doing. If they refuse to be blessed by your prophetic auction, I receive all the blessings from your mouth in Jesus name. Me and my wife and unborn children are blessed forever through every bit of prophet blessing from your mouth. Keep doing the good work of God u have been called to do. Please prophesy to my life, my family needs healing in all areas of our lives.


  82. My major, my prophet , son of God keep on doing it by faith. If God has your back who are thy to destroy you. The more they talk is the more powerful God will bless you with more powere and anointing and as you are our spiritual father we will keep on receiving . Besides in our FAMILY we RELAXING!!


  84. True Son Of Malawi, Prophet Bushiri go ahead with God’ voice, Don’t stop revealing abt God’ Kingdom as God’ will, Praise the Lord Almighty God in Jesus Name

  85. And can u please pray for me and my sons to serve god and grow spiritually strong and fir your free chanels

  86. Can you please pray that i can stop smoking and for my health for good in jesus name

  87. Prophet Bushiri Major one is my prophet ,I believe in him as the true servant of God of our time. He is a blessing in SA and the people of SA are blessed by the presence of this prophet. I really lov e you man of God. Shalom.

  88. Even when Jesus Christ was performing miracles the Pharisees,Saduces e.t.c were claiming that he was false….Besides Jesus himself said greater things of what he was doing was to come……Read John 21:25 (says what Jesus did can not be contained by the world)but Jesus himself said greater than what he had done was coming……BE WARNED GOD said TOUCH NOT my anointed..and if a man claims he z from God and z not….God says He (not you) Himself shall deal with them (4 judgement belongs to Him)..if u want to rub shoulders with God nd oppose him….Go On…bt rememba he haz said he shall punish sons nd daughters of disobedience….LOVE your neighbors nd Be quick to listen but slow to speak

  89. lt so disappointing to see that the journalist has failed to give even one credible evidence,even if he resembles any one of those kids these days dna will prove beyond doubt and why are the mother’s not coming out to tell us and l believe its non of our for me l love the man through him l saw miracles and the dead are risen oh please journalist get a life what more can one ask for and those who are quoting Matt24 it was written for end times an
    d we are far from the end anyways.Go on major1 we will always love and believe you.

  90. You can do good things for a long period of time that people can appreciate. But if suddenly something that is of no good happens even if it can be once, it paints black colour to all the good things you have done to people.Even though it is being said alot about the man of God, it is of no evidence and only God knows how to handle it.

  91. Major 1 the original and only ,u said they can talk bad things about u but they can’t do anything with the WORD for which the WORD IS IN U,the glory will change their life 1 day,don’t talk bad things about the prophet of God,u co sema mudzimu and God will punish u for that ,prophet u a amazing ,u a wonderful,u a son of God indeed,we love u prophet Sherperd Bushiri,MAJOR 1,do something iyeeeeeeee.

  92. Who so ever wrote this story,he’s doing that because he has not seen the goodNess of God.major 1 u said it that people will talk bad things about we won’t be amazed when this happend.

  93. It is disappointing to see some journalist do spend sleepless night just to cteate propaganda news to turnish the Prophet. I dont know only God is the best judge. there are many stories that Malawians need to know apart from this rediculus story. If you cant beat your opponent, you better join him/her. This a simple analogy. The more you write bad news about the prophet, the more he recieves God’s revelation to do more wonders. I pray that your faith will not fail

  94. I lov u Papa u are a true man of God the devil is a spiritual father,my voice prophet major original shepherd bushiri

  95. man of God u changed mi life I was living in shame Papa.Berhemorse and Amanda were ruling mi life.thanks for delivering me Papa.stop talking bad things about mi Papa and come to receive.

  96. when you are busy criticising him we are busy receiving god is still speaking today Eeeyeeeeee,
    papa do something Shalom

  97. Major original do something God is the one to judge

  98. u satan, stop publish false story, let the man of god do hiz job. Major 1 u are indeed man of god. Let them publish false story while we are receiving miracle from major shephard bushiri. More fire bushiri we are behind u

  99. Problem is lack of knowledge.Jesus warned us about this falls prophets who will come and perfom great miracles jst to decieve many people.he said there is no bad tree which can bear good fruit(mathew 7, read 15 to 23).if you read it with the understanding from God you will then understand that nowadays miracles are not the sign from God as he warned us that those falls prophetes we will recognize them by perfoming miracles because no bad tree that can bear good fruit, if you can see a good fruit from a bad tree,you must know that there is aproblem,because it must bear bad fruit because of its nature.meaning that as we are all sinners,there is no way a sinner can do good things.he said we will know this falls prophets by their fruit of perfoming miracles even though they are sinners.also read mathew 24,read 4 to 26

    1. You can question 1plus 1 but you cannot question the 2 because 2 is the answer.power!!!!Major 1.Major original!!!iyeeeaeeeehe!!! Whoever says that my papa Prophet Shepered Bushiri is not a man of God ,him or her and her aunts and his uncles are witches.iyeaeeeee!!!!

    1. 🙂 Major 1 son of God many people don’t serve a true God And they don believe that all things are possible with God 🙂 Do somethinggggggg our God is not small..In our family ECG we don’t lack we walk in the air we relax we let God take care

      1. In mathew 23,9 to 12 Jesus said do not call anyone on earth Father,for you have one Father,and he is in heaven,or teacher,because you have one Teacher,the Christ.And for all the prophets and the law prophesied until John about the coming of Jesus(mathew 11,read 13)now we have to preach good news since we have already been saved by grace and that we must leave by faith in Jesus.Now if Jesus already came and died for our sins,what then can one still prophesy for if we have to leave by faith?,remember that faith has got nothing to do with miracles or works of flash.Remember that the davil has no more power against us,the only power he has,is to deceive,(to deceive is to cause someone to accept what is false by tricking or misrepresentation)read revelation 13,8 to 9 and revelation 13,13 to 18

  100. My father my papa. ..True man of God..We Thank God for blessing us with you papa…you are anointed…Major one..Buwa Moporofeta wame???

  101. Spiritual navigator,Eye of an eagle,major…major one:Can say it? For 9months in your mother’s womb this is what you born for and you are good when you do it…Go on and on man of God.


  103. Stop publishing something that u not shore of,u devils u are in trouble.we love major1 he is our spiritual father.I am healed because of him.eyeeeeh power

    1. Ah are you offended???? LOL gullibility killing you huh? Naive much too?

  104. I have been to his church, miracles signs and wonders are happening, whilst you are busy criticising him. Leave him to do Gods work please.

  105. For every successful man of god ,there are people behind his downfall so i am not suprised,may you grow bigger prophet bushiri.the devil is a lier we will not be deceived by the devil

  106. A Man after God owm heart A Prophet for Our Time may Prophet Bushiri continue to display the power of Jesus Christ Major One God will see you through

  107. stop publishing bad things about the man of God we know that evil does not believe that God exist

    1. when they are busy critisizing Him we are busy receiving.Major one

  108. Will u pls pray 4 my abdominal pains which donot respond 2 medicine, my family and all challenges am going thru man of God.

      1. Major only 1, You are a marvel to watch,i watch you everyday,You are awesome,You do amazing things,continue with our lords work and may lord give You more annointing so that those who doubt your work as a man of God feel Jesus mighty name Amen.

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