Chakwera’s reckless speech condemned


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has been condemned over his reckless remarks that he is ready to rule Malawi in 2020.

University of Malawi Political Scientist, Ernest Thindwa, says Chakwera’s speech can incite violence if the court’s ruling on the presidential case does not favour his party.


Thindwa has advised political leaders in the country to avoid giving out promises in regard to the elections case outcome before the constitutional court delivers its ruling.

“If politicians will speak like this in their speeches the country will be on fire if the ruling will not favour their parties,” said Thindwa.

He further advised the political party leaders to speak only the things that can bring out positive impacts to their supporters and all the people in the country.

“It can be good if party leaders can speak the things that can create peace to the mother Malawi and avoid things that can lead into exchange of blows among the people,” he said.

In the elections case, Chakwera is challenging President Peter Mutharika’s May 21 elections victory arguing that irregularities affected the outcome of the polls.

On Tuesday in his New Year’s address, Chakwera told Malawians that he will accept the outcome of the elections case but expressed hope that justice will prevail and that the court will order the Malawi Electoral Commission to conduct fresh elections.

He said: “If the ruling of the court nullifies the 2019 presidential election, as I hope, then I want you to know that I am more ready than ever to serve you, to give you a government that delivers change, to be a president that unites Malawians across regions, tribes and parties, and to make 2020 the year in which our nation’s transformation truly began.”




  1. Viva chakwera.. The pain of being a Cadet in 2020 ???

  2. In his dreams he will rule Malawi but in reality he will never ever be a president of Malawi ?? lets wait and see

  3. I don really see a problem in his statement he is hopeful just like any other political leader thindwa needs to chill for a sec.

  4. So what’s wrong with that ????? Nsanje cha ? If you are among those of DPP just stay chooch as it is in the hands of justice. No money nor how jiant you look not even your grade Noo but we really need someone who can save Mama Malawi …..2020 everything change count on that !!!

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