Bushiris share ‘prophetic’ kiss: They thought I would be finished in 2019


Be ready to be on top… in 2020 the World will see your light, declares Major 1

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, widely known as Major 1, has promised his followers that miracles will follow them in 2020 which he declared during a Crossover service at the FNB Calabash Stadium as ‘the Year of God’s Open Hands’.

“The world has not seen you at your highest. In 2020, get ready to be on top” said Major 1 who promised those in attendance that they will shine this year.

“They thought [you] would finish in 2019. They buried you, they did not know you were a seed. When you are buried, you germinate. In 2020, the will not finish until they have seen the glory of God upon your life” he declared.

Miracles shall follow you: Bushiri share a kiss

“If you are a business man or business woman. You have never profits more than how you will make in 2020.

Major 1’s wife, Prophetess Mary Bushiri, also delivered some prophecies for 2020.

“2020 it is not Heaven that is open. The very hands of God are open. That sickness, now the hands of God are open, healing is available. Prosperity is available.

“If you want to get married, that husband is coming, that wife is coming because the hands of God are open.

“The fact that you have made it to 2020, the devil is totally defeated in your life. In 2020, whatever you are applying to God for is released in your life” she said moment before the couple shared a ‘prophetic’ kiss on stage.

Miracle grades

In his part, Bushiri offered students miracle grades.

“If you are a student, the spirit of excellency and distinction… If you are not working, the Lord will shock you. He will give you so many jobs. You shall walk with miracles”, claimed Bushiri.

During the event, the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church leader said he was shocked with the magnitude that gathering at the Stadium for the service.

“There was so much spiritual negativity I never knew it would fill up like this,” said Prophet Bushiri who also thanked his followers in 2019 when he was arrested for money laundering and fraud-related charges.

“We experienced several challenges in 2019, but you stood with us. Some counted our downfall, but you stood firm with our ministry and on this fourth Crossover Service you have filled up FNB stadium. This is a testimony of your resolve.”

The event was spiced up by top ECG afro-pop musicians, Onesimus and Nemix, who performed Hand of God.

With over 100 thousand in attendance, it is estimated that close to K300 million was made through ticket sales. This amount excludes offerings and ‘spiritual seeds’ collected during the event.

Bushiri’s biological father and mother were also in attendance as the  crossover was also highlighted by NBC News among the 2020 new year’s celebration activities around the world.



  1. Mr Bushiri sir i just want to know why you chose South africa out of all countries in the world why you left your own people of your own countrie MALAWI because a phophet is a person who is chosen for his people.why???

  2. I recieve it, PAPA MAJOR 1. I am taking my first album on the market this 2020 and expecting more from God’s Will/ blessings . I very beautiful songs which everyone will Love and that will through th groly and Mercy of the Lord. I shall always pray to see the light. My The be with You PAPA MAJOR 1 Shepard Bushiri

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