Heavy rain leaves hundreds homeless in Lilongwe

Over a thousand people have been displaced following heavy rains that have destroyed houses and property in several areas in Lilongwe.

Heavy rains that hit the city on Tuesday and Wednesday led to flooding of Nafisi and Nankhaka rivers affecting areas 25, 50, Mtandire, Mgona and Senti.  

Many of those affected are in dire need of food. One victim Mary James said she has lost all the food she had as her house was flooded with the water and she had to scream to be rescued.

“It took the well-wishers to come and rescue me. They threw rope to aid me and my child to a safe side,” she said.

In Area 25, residents say the rainwater flooded their houses because of the failure by contractor that is rehabilitating a road in the area to build a drainage system along the road.

Commenting on the issue, Mayor for Lilongwe City Council Juliana Kaduya said many of these houses are in flood prone areas and are constructed along the rivers and with no proper plan.

She advised the families to construct houses in safe areas.