Teargas fired at UTM supporters after arrest of Mutharika critic


Police fired teargas at United Transformation Movement (UTM) protesters on Tuesday following the arrest of a Facebook user and critic of the President Peter Mutharika regime Manice Dawood.

Dawood: arrested

Dawood who is also Mutharika’s relative was arrested at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) as she was about to leave the country for United States of America.

She was taken to Area 30 Police Headquarters but it is known why she was arrested.

It is not yet known why Dawood has been arrested but people are suggesting that she has been arrested for the comments she makes on Facebook criticising Mutharika and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government.

Following Dawood’s arrest, UTM supporters went to the National Police Headquarters to demand Dawood’s release but were dispersed by the police who fired teargas at them.

According to reports, two women were injured during the fracas that ensued.

Speaking to the media, former First Lady Callista Mutharika who is also a UTM member said wondered why Dawood was taken to headquarters and not a police station saying they fear for her life.

“We want to warn people who have authorised Dawood’s arrest that we are angry. This country is for all of us and arbitrary arrests are not acceptable,” she said.




  1. We are not in the dark days where one was not allowed to speak his/ her minds…we r in democratic society where citizens have the right to speak what they want so don’t use the police to silence people have something to say.

  2. Nyapapi wayambaso Uli galu yachabe chabe gwape ihet dpp from my heat

  3. The law must be respected by everybody, regardless of one’s relationship with the president. APM did well not to interfere with the police work. We can’t allow lawlessness.

  4. DPP big gurus please leave the woman alone! Arresting Malawians for critiquing your bad upside-down policies will not help at all, most of you top dpp officials were not here when we fought for our freedom! Just prepare for life in…….come 2019 May 21.

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