MP demand Chisale’s release

Norman Chisale former presidential bodyguard

Member of Parliament from Mzimba North Constituency Yeremiah Chihana has demanded the release of former President Peter Mutharika’s bodyguard Norman Chisale who is at Lingadzi Police Station custody.

Chihana who stood on a point of order in the August House, said that his party Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) does not support infringement of human rights because Chisale’s arrest is not normal.

According to Chihana, government is trying to intimidate Chisale so that people should shift their attention from the issue of devaluation.

“It was alleged that Minister of Justice Titus Mvalo ordered his arrest basing on issues of name calling but yet people have called him names and no one got arrested. This will bring fear to the nation because people will be afraid to talk to the media which is not good. We are calling on the donor community to look into this matter,” he said.

On his part, Member of Parliament for Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) from Mulanje Bale Constituency Victor Musowa said that Chisale should be free and no one should intimidate him in any way.

Chisale’s arrest follows an interview broadcast last week on Zodiak Television in which Chisale accused Minister of Justice Titus Mvalo of persecuting him by blocking him from accessing money in his accounts.

Chisale also claimed that Principal Secretary for Ministry of Homeland Security Steven Kayuni also persecuted him when Kayuni worked as Director of Public Prosecutions. According to Chisale, Kayuni has been begging for forgiveness but he will never forgive him.

In the interview, Chisale also warned that the people behind his numerous arrests will pay in future.


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