Malawi Police ask people to surrender illegal firearms

Peter Kalaya is spokesperson for Malawi Police Service

The Malawi Police Service has called on all people in possession of illegal firearms to surrender the firearms to police without facing arrest or prosecution.

The call comes as Malawi joins the international community in observing 2023 Africa Firearms Amnesty Month this November.

Peter Kalaya who is the Spokesperson for the Malawi Police Service has affirmed this initiative which is being observed in November, contrary to the global observance in September.

Notably, Kalaya, the spokesperson, stated that individuals in possession of illegal firearms face no prosecution or arrest if they willingly surrender them during this amnesty period.

Kalaya stated: “The Malawi Police Service encourages the public to take this opportunity to contribute to the safety of our communities by voluntarily surrendering any illegal firearms at their nearest police location.”

Social commentator Victor Chipofya has suggested that this effort should not be limited to a one-month duration but should be an ongoing process due to the potential threat guns pose to national security.

Chipofya emphasized: “National security is a continuous concern, and efforts to address illegal firearms possession should be sustained beyond a mere monthly initiative.”

This marks the second phase of the firearms surrender campaign following the joint operation by the Ministry of Homeland Security and the Police, resulting in the confiscation and subsequent destruction of over 170 firearms earlier this year.


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