‘Visit Malawi’ taxi launched in London


A taxi branded ‘Visit Malawi’ is moving in the streets of London, calling on people to see Malawi as a tourism destination.

Minister of Tourism, Vera Kamtukule, who is currently in the United Kingdom (UK) confirmed the development as she shared highlights of the launch of “Visit Malawi” branded taxi in London.

Kamtukule said the taxi represents commitment to employ innovative marketing initiatives for Malawi.

“This endeavor is not merely about putting a taxi on the streets of a foreign city. It’s a symbol, a tangible representation of our unwavering commitment to employ innovative destination marketing initiatives. Initiatives like this branded taxi play a crucial role in our ongoing efforts to build the Malawi brand,” said Kamtukule in a post on her Facebook Page.

She added that the taxi is not just a mode of transportation but a mobile ambassador whispering tales of the warm heart of Africa.

“Today, in this diverse and cosmopolitan city, we are unveiling our aspirations and showcasing our dedication to global tourism. As we launch this taxi, we’re launching a piece of our hearts. It’s a testament to our vision, our dreams, and our commitment to becoming the ultimate travel destination,” said Kamtukule.

Meanwhile, the minister has indicated that this is just the beginning as her ministry is planning more to make sure that the world knows about Malawi.


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