Fadeth Furniture Powers Malawi’s Maso Awards

Fadeth Furniture

Malawi’s leading furniture company, Fadeth Furniture, has been unveiled as the official sponsor for this year’s Maso Awards. The awards ceremony will take place at the prestigious Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe on November 25th.

Fadeth Furniture is a household name in Malawi, renowned for its high-quality furniture, exceptional craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction. The company’s sponsorship of the Maso Awards is a testament to its dedication to supporting Malawian talent and celebrating excellence in the arts and entertainment industry.

The Maso Awards celebrate Malawi’s rich cultural diversity and the outstanding achievements of individuals and organizations in the arts and entertainment industry. The awards ceremony will feature performances by renowned Malawian artists, as well as the presentation of awards in various categories.

Fadeth Furniture CEO
Fadeth Furniture CEO Richard Chirwa (right), Amapiano superstar Zeze Kingston (center)

The organizers of the awards have also announced Amapiano superstar Zeze Kingston as the headliner for the event. Together with Fadeth Furniture, the artist will add a fresh touch of brilliance to the awards ceremony.

Fadeth Furniture’s sponsorship of the Maso Awards represents a significant contribution to the Malawian arts and entertainment industry. The company’s support will help elevate the profile of the awards and provide a platform for Malawian talent to shine.

Fadeth Furniture is delighted to be the sponsor of this prestigious event and looks forward to celebrating Malawi’s creative spirit. The company is committed to supporting the arts and entertainment industry in Malawi and believes that awards like MASO play a vital role in promoting Malawi’s culture and heritage, as well as the growth of the country’s entertainment landscape.

“We are proud to be associated with the Maso Awards and to support the recognition of talented individuals and organizations in Malawi,” said Richard Chirwa, CEO of Fadeth Furniture. “We believe that promoting youth in the arts will have a positive impact on their skills and mental health development. By supporting the Maso Awards, we hope to contribute to the continued development of Malawi’s arts and culture.”

The organizers of the awards have also unveiled Amapiano star Zeze Kingston as the headliner for the event. Event organizer Augustine Mukisi stated that Zeze Kingston and Fadeth Furniture’s involvement will bring a fresh feel to this year’s awards ceremony.

The Maso Awards are an annual event that celebrates Malawian talent in music, arts, and culture.


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