Village headman’s sexual abuse allegations shock Senior Chief Chikowi

DCT officials during a meeting with chiefs

Senior Chief Chikowi of Zomba says he is deeply shocked with allegations that Village head Nkwanda sexually abuse a 12-year-old girl other than protecting girl child from all forms of sexual offences.

Senior Chief Chikowi expressed the shock when Development Communication Trust (DCT) made a follow up on Village head Nkwanda alleged defilement case.

She said traditional leaders have the duty to safeguard rights of a girl child against defilement and other forms of sexual exploitation apart from advising his subjects to avoid indulging in all forms of violence against women and girls rights.

Chikowi therefore said he will never shield any village heads who will indulge in sexual offences.

She said it was her wish to see a mobile court hearing taking place at Village head Mkanda’s area to allow people to learn and appreciate the gravity of defiling a minor.

She also hailed the DCT for being in the forefront to safeguarding rights of girl child and further commended the girl’s teacher for referring the 12-year-old girl to hospital after the alleged sexual abuse.

Senior Chief Chikowi said he will call all village heads to a meeting to warn them against defilement and will also caution those that might want to stand in the way of justice by silencing the victim to seek justice.

“I warn you people that l will not condone any traditional leader that will be involved in defilement case,” said Senior Chief Chikowi.

One of DCT senior official, Bettie Chumbu, thanked Senior Chief Chikowi for talking tough on Village head Nkwanda’s alleged defilement case.

She pledged that DCT will follow the case with keen interest to make sure justice is done, adding that will also ensure that the case be held right in Senior’s Chief Chikow’s area.for convenience of people that might want to hear the case.

ADC Chairperson for Chikowi, Gevasi Jissah said that the committee will ensure that a girl child is protected from sexual offences.

He bemoaned the alleged defilement saying this has spoiled good reputation of Senior Chief Chikowi and the entire area.

Village head Nkwanda whose name by birth is Reuben Katunga is aged 56.

Meanwhile, Zomba Police Station, Public Relations Officer, Sub lnspector Patricia Sipiliano confirmed the arrest of Village head Nkwanda for allegedly defiling the 12 year old girl.