Police say they have made progress in investigating murders

Malawi Murder Victims Allan Witika and Agnes Katengeza

Inspector General of Malawi Police Merlyne Yolamu says Police have made progress in investigating the recent murder cases in Lilongwe.

Yolamu has made the remarks in an interview with the local media.

According to Yolamu, investigations into the recent killings in Lilongwe are progressing well.

“We have made progress in our investigations,” Yolamu told Times.

Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) Network Administrator, Agnes Katengeza, was reported missing last Saturday and hours later her lifeless body was found in the trunk of her KIA sportage vehicle on Sunday. CCTV footage was shared on social media on Monday showing men who appeared to have dumped Katengeza’s vehicle in a dimly lit area.

The murder incident came days after a man identified as Allan Wittika was also found dead in his car in Lilongwe.

Minister of Homeland Security Kenneth Zikhale told a news conference on Monday that the killings do not pose a threat to national security and warned people against spreading fake news relating to murders. His remarks have been condemned by various quarters including the family of Agnes Katengeza.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Police is expected to appear before the Parliamentary Committed on Defence to discuss the security situation in Malawi.