Malawi Defence Force soldier sexually abuses boy


An 18-year-old boy in Likoma says a male Malawi Defence Force (MDF) held him hostage and forced him to suck the soldier’s manhood.

The boy has told the local media that the incident happened Monday.

According to the boy, the soldier accused the boy of riding his taxi motorbike recklessly in Likoma.

The soldier then held the boy hostage next to a military vehicle and told him to unzip his trousers, lick and suck the soldier’s “gun”.

The boy has since complained that he can no longer do his trade as he is afraid of any man in uniform and can’t eat when he recalls the incident.

MDF is yet to comment on the allegations.

Meanwhile, Likoma District Social Welfare Officer, Christopher Kanaza, and Likoma police Officer-in-Charge Spencer Jinja have told Zodiak Online that they have a complaint on the matter.