Khuda dumps wife, accuses her of cheating on him

Malawians football player Khuda Myaba

Malawian football player Khuda Myaba has dumped his wife after accusing her of cheating on him.

In a Facebook post on his page today, Khuda has claimed that the wife, Enlecio Mhango, was spending night in bars while he was in South Africa playing football.

According to Khuda, the wife has continued her alleged behaviour while he is in Syria where he plays for Tishreen SC.

“Amapita ma night club kumapanga uhule ngati ineyo sinditumiza ndalama chosecho amapita ma night club kukawononga ndalama zomwe ndimakhala ndikumutumizila (She goes to night clubs where she cheats on me and spend money which I send her),” he said.

He added: “Know that I have broken up with her and don’t be surprised when you see her with other men.”

Meanwhile, Khuda’s wife Enlecio has told Facebook Page Mikozi that her marriage has ended following a prank gone wrong.

According to Enlecio, Khuda told Enlecio that some of her friends were interested in Khuda.

Enlecio gave Khuda one of her friend’s number in order for Khuda to prove his claims. Khuda started chatting up the woman and he would send screenshots of his conversations to his wife.

However, as they continued to engage in romantic conversations, the woman started telling Khuda about his wife’s behaviour leading to the player’s decision to end his marriage.

The fallout in Khuda’s marriage comes days after the player was left out of the Malawi National Team squad which played Guinea last week in Africa Cup Qualifiers.

Khuda launched a social media attack on coach Patrick Mabedi after he was dropped from the squad