Chief says politician-sponsored trophies should not be worth less than K6m

Chief says politician-sponsored trophies should not be worth less K6m

Inkosi Mzukuzuku of Mzimba says sports competitions organized by politicians should not be worth less than K6 million.

Mzukuzuku was speaking at Mabiri football ground during the conclusion of a K450,000 trophy sponsored by politician Mambo Chirwa who is UTM shadow councillor for the area.

The chief thanked politicians for reaching people through trophies, saying this helps youth to refrain from boozing and smoking among others in the villages.

He, however, argued that teams spend money to participate in the competitions hence the need for sponsors to increase sponsorships.

“Politicians should try to raise the sponsorship of their trophies up to about 6 million kwacha because some players are hiring cars to play their games which needs money,” he said.

As elections are drawing closer in Malawi, politicians looking to contest for various positions are busy setting up sports competitions in their areas.

On the final day of the trophy in Mzimba, Emphangweni FC was playing Mabiri FC in the Mambo Chirwa football and netball trophy.

Emphangweni won the football game by 4 goals to 2 and went away with K90,000 prize.

Mabiri netball won the netball trophy against Joka and went away with K40,000.

The function was graced by Maquenda Chunga who is UTM shadow Member of Parliament for Mzimba South constituency.

Other UTM leaders included constituency governor Zacharia Nyirenda and Baxter Mkumba who is UTM shadow councillor for Luviri ward.


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