MACRA commended for bringing communication stakeholders together

Macra on Saturday brought together employees from various organisations in the communications sector

Stakeholders in communication sector in Malawi have commended Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (MACRA) for the Initiative where stakeholders came together and interacted through sporting activities.

Malawi Postal Corporation (MPC) ICT Assistant officer Zikubwelera Washon said the sporting activities which MACRA organised on Saturday at Lilongwe Golf Club helped to bring stakeholders in the sector together and interact.

Washon added that apart from interaction they had, it also helped to promote healthy and fitness among them.

“It is very commendable event as everyone participated in the activities. Sometimes, Blood Pressure and diabetes are prevented through participating in such activities,” she said.

Marketing Director for Airtel Malawi Thokozani Kamkondo Sande said her company expects such activities and interaction continue in future.

She said what happened at Lilongwe Golf Club has never happened before where employees from different companies came together, interacted and participated together in sporting activities as one family.

In her remarks, MACRA Head of Human Resource and Administration Mary Botoman said MACRA wanted to bring them together and interact through the activities.

She added that apart from bring them together, they knew that by participating in different sports activities, it will promote health work force among them.

Postal, courier, Broadcasting, publication and telecommunication companies participated during the event.

Some of the activities which were played were bawo, athletics, football, netball, volleyball and aerobics.

MACRA Director General Daud Suleman also participated fully at the event.