Rebecca Malope hints at collaboration with Malawians artist

Gospel Music

Legendary South African gospel artist Rebecca Malope who performed in Lilongwe last night has hinted at collaborating with gospel musicians in the country.

She was speaking after her energetic performance at the Blessings Gospel Concert at BICC in Lilongwe.

“I have heard some wonderful singers here and I would love to collaborate with them and definitely we will do that,” she said.

She added that she was very happy with the love Malawians have shown her and the support she has received.

“I am feeling honoured and blessed to be in Malawi to perform here, the reception and the love which people have shown is amazing and I say thank you. Let me tell you, in Malawi I like Chambo fish and rice and the people in Malawi are the best,” said Malope.

She added that ove and peace is what she has experienced in Malawi and she has urged people in the country to continue loving one another

“It doesn’t matter where a person is coming from we are all Africans. if am in Malawi, Malawi is my home and if you are in South Africa, South Africa is your home too. We are all Africans and we are all one people,” said Malope.

On the stage, the artist received a gift, certificate of honour, from all Malawian gospel artists as one way of honouring her contribution to the gospel music in Africa.

On her part, Wendy Harawa who was one of the organisers of the show said the show has been successful and people really come in large numbers.

“I am giving glory to God that we have achieved what we wanted, people came and danced, we worshipped, they were blessed and I am so happy considering we had artists that I have always admired. I am very excited and thanks to Malawians for coming in large numbers,” said Harawa.

The show which was well patronised started with performances from Kondwani Chirwa, Great Angels Choir and then Wendy Harawa.

Before Malope came on the stage, Ugandan Gospel Artist Colifixe and Zambian Gospel artist Abel Chungu performed and the fans enjoyed their energetic and amazing performances.

As the headliner, the South African legendary Gospel artist lived up to word at the Blessings Gospel Concert, when she offered a massive performance for close to two hours.


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