Government says it will rehabilitate all railway lines in Malawi


Minister of Transport and Public Works, Jacob Hara, says government will rehabilitate all railway lines in the country to resume rail transport network as was the case in the past.

During inspection of construction work on Nsanje-Bangula-Marka railway line on Thursday, the minister said the rail transport will facilitate transportation of goods into Malawi from neighbouring countries.

“This government is committed to make sure that all means of transport are improved to facilitate the movement of goods in and out of the country,” He added.

He said was impressed with progress work on Bangula-Marka railway line adding that this is the beginning of rail rehabilitation in other parts of the country to ensure smooth movement of rail cargo and passengers.

The Minister also praised the contractor for setting up slipper production plant in the district which has created jobs for some people in Nsanje.

Recently Nsanje District Commissioner, Dominic Mwandira said once the railway is completed a lot of people will find economic opportunities.

He also expressed hope that prices of some commodities are likely to come down in the boarder district as the railway transportation is cheaper than road.

Reported by Robert Nayeja