DPP says Chakwera has failed to take Malawians to Canaan


The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says President Lazarus Chakwera has failed to take Malawians to the promised land.

Speaking at a press briefing currently underway at Mount Soche hotel in Blantyre, spokesperson for DPP Shadric Namalomba says the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) government is full of Babylonians taking Malawians to destruction.

“The Chakwera led government promised Malawians Canaan but in true sense these are Babylonians who came to take captive of our nation,” said Namalomba.

He added that the current government is perpetrating the unemployment rates in the country saying Chakwera is busy closing companies and media houses.

Further Namalomba has highlighted that the government has borrowed so much money in short space of time and squandered it.

“Chakwera government is a clueless government as it has borrowed 5.1 Trillion Kwacha in a space of 3 years, and no one knows how they have used the money,” he said.

Namalomba has also claimed that the government is responsible for the increase in number of men who are commiting suicide in the country as well as the increase in the number of girls indulging into prostitution due to hunger.

He has further faulted the Malawi Congress Party government led by Chakwera for refusing to trim cabinet despite being told that the current cabinet is wasting resources.

The DPP officials at the press briefing have since demanded Chakwera to resign.