Reverend Mitambo re-elected PIM president

Providence Industrial Mission (PIM)

Reverend Wilson Mitambo has been reelected as the president of the Providence Industrial Mission (PIM) following elections that took place yesterday at PIM headquarters in Chiradzulu.

On Sunday, 20th August 2023, the Board of Trustees led by Chairperson Steve Thamanda together with the church nomination committee declared Rev. Mitambo winner of the presidential elections of PIM during the end of Annual General Meeting.

In the competitive race, Reverend Dr. Moses Muwotcha and a Deacon Dr. Moses Chinyama got 180 votes and 63 votes respectively while the re-elected president Reverend Wilson Mitambo got an overwhelming mandate from the congregation by by amassing 366 out of 622 votes cast.

In his words, Thamanda said that despite some other people not trusting his board, he is glad that elections have gone well.

Rev. Mitambo was ordained as a pastor of PIM on 28th July, 2013 and he has been serving as the PIM president since August 2018.

Speaking during the general assembly at the church today, Mitambo advised his followers to reflect true Christianity in their way of life.

He emphasized on what Christians do in secret saying it does not please God at all since men and women nowadays in the church are in front of doing sins than those living outside church.

Rev. Mitambo also said a true Christian does not fall with the world and instead he or she strives to live holy like Job.

PIM is believed to be one of the oldest churches in the country and Africa at large.