Village Headman arrested for offering bribe to police officer

Malawi Police

Police at Mselema in Machinga district are keeping in custody village Headman Njete for allegedly offering a K100,000 bribe to a police officer to close a defilement case against the chief’s son.

Deputy Public Relations Officer for Eastern Region of Police, Sergeant Tionge Kayenda, has confirmed the arrest of Village Headman Njete.

Sergeant Kayenda said the traditional leader has been identified as Keyalwo Malekano aged 56 from Traditional Authority Ngokwe in Machinga district.

The Deputy Public Relations Officer for Eastern Region of Police further said that, on August 18, 2023, Police at Ngokwe arrested Malekano’s son, Kalako Richman Malekano aged 35 for allegedly having sexual intercourse with a 7 year old girl.

On August 19th, the suspect was transferred from Ngokwe police unit to Mselema Police post for court proceedings.

Following the arrest of his son, Village Headman Malekano went to Mselema Police to seek audience with the Station Officer Assistant Superintendent Robert Chakwiya.

During their discussions, Malekano produced money amounting to one hundred thousand kwacha cash and offered to Chakwiya in order to close the case of his son as well as release him from Police custody.

Showing his professionalism, Chakwiya received the money from the chief and immediately placed him in Police custody.

Malekano will appear before court soon to answer the charge of corrupting a police officer and the money will be used as evidence during court proceedings.