Boxing association receives K4 million for national championship

Boxing Malawi

Malawi Boxing Association has received 4 million kwacha sponsorship for the 2023 Malawi National Boxing Championship which will be held on 26th and 27th August.

The sponsorship from Sparc Systems Limited will be used for accommodation and transportation during the games.

The games will take place at Kamuzu Institute for Sports from 26 to 27th August this month.

Speaking after presenting a cheque, Founder and Managing Director for Sparc Systems Limited Wisely Phiri, said they thought it is wise to sponsor the boxing match because they believe in helping others and as a company they are trying to promote and support the boxing spot in the country.

“We have been sponsoring a number of activities over the years. We have done sponsorship in golf tournament, football and we have tried to promote the minority spot. So, we are trying to promote and show Malawians that once you fight it you can achieve whatever you want. We have got a theme this year which is the undisputed and it aligns well with the boxing fraternity,” said Phiri.

On his part, General Secretary for Malawi Boxing Association Daudi Shaibu thanked Sparc Systems for the sponsorship saying they had a shortfall and the coming in of Sparc will help to fill in that shortfall.

Shaibu also noted that this year’s boxing championship is targeting youth boxers that are under 17 as well as elite boxers.

“We will select two teams that will represent Malawi in a number of international tournament. In March 2024, we have All African Games in Ghana so the youth sector will be represented and at the same time we are having Olympic Games so this time around we will select the elite boxers to represent Malawi in Senegal in September,” said Shaibu.

Malawi National Boxing Association has a 9.5 million Kwacha budget for the championship and Sports Council has committed the 5.5 million kwacha .