Ku Mingoli Bash excites fans in Lilongwe


The Ku Mingoli Bash which happened Saturday on 22 July at Grand Business Park was a successful and one of the best shows happened this year.

The show which attracted people from Lilongwe and other districts was headlined by South Africa Amapiano Star Daliwonga, South African Afro-Pop duo Blaq Diamond and Zambian trending artist Yo maps.

There was a huge turn out at the show and people were satisfied with the best performances from different artists that performed at the Bash.

The show was organised by Sound Addicts and it was a sold out show with a lot of people attending.

With a well designed stage, clear sounds engineered by Sound addicts, people at show had so much fan and went back in their homes with happy faces.

The performances started early with DJs on the decks followed by other local artists including Pop Young, Gibo Pearson, Driemo, Temwa, Lulu, Kell Kay and Eli Njuchi.

Daliwonga who opened the stage for the headliners gave out an amazing performance with more energy and vibes. The Amapiano Star performed songs like Izolo, Banyana, Abo Mvelo among others.

After Daliwonga, Blaq Diamond came on the stage with their hit songs like Bhanoyi, Love letter and Messiah.

In the early hours of Sunday, Zambian trending artist Yo maps entertained thousands of people at the show with his hits including Kondwa, Aweah, Mr Romantic, Finally and Location among others.

The fans sang along to Yo Maps’ hits and Daliwonga’s songs.