Malawian man dies in Johannesburg explosion

South Africa

The man who died in the Johannesburg explosion on Wednesday this week is a 34-year-old Malawian national, South Africa’s SABC has reported.

The man identified as Joseph Dumisani from Chikwawa district in Malawi was a street vendor in the streets of Johannesburg.

His brother told the television station that they checked in their brother after he didn’t come back from his business following the explosion.

After they called his phone several times, a police officer answered the phone call and told the family member that their brother has died. A car fell on him after explosion

“Right now we still don’t know what we can do because we are still shocked,” the brother told SABC.

He then appealed to the government to assist the family to repatriate the body of the deceased to Malawi so that the deceased should be buried in his homeland.

Another person who also lived with Dumisani told SABC that Dumisani was a good guy who was loved by everybody.

The gas explosion which happened around 5.30 pm in Johannesburg business district on Wednesday also injured 48 other people.

Meanwhile, legal expert, Jim Scholtz believes the family of the deceased man including those who sustained injuries in the Joburg CBD explosion on Wednesday stand good grounds to sue city authorities.

“The families will have to proof that they are claiming for damages as we call it in law. So, they will need to satisfy these elements, which are wrongful faults, causation and loss. If this innocent person who was killed by a blast was a breadwinner and they depended on him, then they will have to prove that the ignition or explosion caused the death of the person.  I don’t think that will be too difficult,” says Scholtz .