Malawians encouraged to rebuild, renew their devotion to the country


Religious leaders from different faith groupings on Wednesday led the 59th Independence Anniversary National Service of Worship in Lilongwe with a call and a message of hope for Malawians, emphasising on the importance of rebuilding, unity and patriotism.

Preaching during the sermon, drawn from the book of Nehemiah 3 verses 1 to 5 read in the service by President Dr Lazarus Chakwera, Secretary General for the Malawi Assemblies of God, Rev. Dr Matilda Matabwa encouraged Malawians not to despair but renew their strength and use the available resources to rebuild the nation.

Matabwa said there is need for the country to have shared responsibility and collective efforts in order to rebuild and repair the country.

“We are calling on each one of
us to rebuild; we need to rebuild all walls from the agriculture sector, tourism, health and all spheres of the government. We must rise and rebuild systems and structures for the good of the nation.

“At 59th anniversary of independence we were not supposed to be here. We need to be patriotic and change. We need to have one agenda of restructuring, rebuilding, repairing and bringing back the glory of this nation. We must change our mind-set and the status quo.” said Matabwa.

In his remarks, President Chakwera called on Malawians to make time in renewing their devotion to God and dedication to service and industry for the good of the nation.

“We must sustain God’s favour to us by praying for our nation and using our treasures responsibly so that many generations of Malawians that are yet to be born can enjoy this nation too.

“The best source of our unity is God, treating other Malawians as if this is not their country and sow seeds of division and discord among Malawians is to defy the choice of God to have them live on this earth as Malawian citizens. The best source of our patriotism is God himself for it is him who decided that this is the country we should call home; a country we should love and serve above others,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera encouraged Malawians to make the country a home that they can defend, promote love and always seek to improve.

In a display of unity and devotions to the country, Malawians across the nations and from different faith groupings and political parties came together to the national service of worship.

Reported by Tabbu Kitta Kauye