Government calls for support for refugees in Malawi


Minister of Homeland Security Ken Zikhale Ng’oma has called on the local and international community to support the government to provide a conducive environment for refugees in the country.

Ng’oma made the call on Monday ahead of this year’s World Refugee Day Commemorations.

According to Ng’oma, government remains committed to hosting and support refugees and asylum seekers.

Ng’oma revealed that government has plans to ensure that refugees and asylum seekers are documented and included in the national agenda.

Ng’oma disclosed that so far about 1955 refugees and asylum seekers have returned to Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

“Malawi as a signatory to the UN conventions, Malawi opened its borders to people seeking asylum and has been a home and hope
to refugees majority of whom are from the Great Lakes Region for decades.

“The peace and tranquility that prevails in Malawi coupled with the warmth of its people has always given hope to asylum seekers evidenced by the coexistence of the two communities for years, therefore the government of Malawi through the leadership of President Lazarus Chakwera reaffirms its commitment to host refugees and asylum seekers,” he said.

The World Refugee Day comes as Malawi Government has relocated of about 2,000 refugees from cities and towns to Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa

Ng’oma yesterday commended the Malawi Police Service, the Immigration Department,the Department for Refugees, the Malawi Prison Service and other concerned stakeholders that have played a role in ensuring that the relocation exercise is done professionally and within the law.

He also applauded the citizenry for the patriotism and cooperation for not interfering with the relocation exercise.

Ng’oma further thanked UNHCR and other partners for the support rendered in the management of the refugee camp.

The World Refugee Day Commemoration falls on 20th June every year and this year the day is being commemorated under the theme “Home away from Home.”

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