Govt encourages production of movies that showcase culture


Government has encouraged filmmakers to produce movies that showcase culture saying it is one way of preserving culture for future generations.

The statement was made on Wednesday at the screening of the first episode of Shaka Ilembe movie at BICC in Lilongwe.

Shaka llembe is a 12 part series that tells the history of Zulu King Shaka and it has been produced in a way that people should appreciate and respect the culture of Ngoni.

Speaking with reporters, Deputy Minister of Local Government Owen Chomanika said that the film gives a picture of where Malawi as a country is coming from because the story of Shaka is about the Ngoni which is also part of the culture of this country.

He added that Shaka Ilembe has given the country a reflection and also a big lesson to the generation that is coming in because the movie is a story that concerns Malawians.

“Such movies preserve culture because as times goes, history of every tribe and every culture gets distorted but by putting it in such a series it is like a preservation of history of

“So it is a great fit for even the young ones to also appreciate where we are coming from. Books are no longer in fashion nowadays so it’s almost the whole story which is in the books to put into something that is relevant to the current generation,” he explained.

He then encouraged filmmakers to come up with such movies saying the country has a lot of stories that can be put in such a platform as such it is time to reflect on that .

On her part, Corporate Affairs Manager at Multichoice Malawi Zena Makunje said that Multichoice came up with the drama series to promote the African culture.

Makunje went on to say that Multichoice has been providing opportunities to industry creators so that they can create a production in Malawi that can be marketed globally .

Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani the 5th, Inkosi Ya Makosi M’mbelwa and former Minister of National Peace and Unity Timothy Mtambo were among of the people who attended the screening.

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