EGENCO shuts down all power stations


Electricity Generation Company Limited (EGENCO) has shut down all power stations due to Cyclone Freddy which has hit the Southern Region of Malawi.

The electricity company has confirmed in a statement that it is experiencing unstable generation system following heavy rains induced by the cyclone hence has resorted to shutting down all its power stations.

The company has further said that the power stations are under close observation to ensure that they are not damaged by floods.

“We will continue to take all necessary precautionary measures, including shutting down machines when need be, to ensure that we protect the power stations from serious damage until the cyclone is over,” reads part of the statement.

According to EGENCO, continuous heavy rains brought by the cyclone have flooded all tributaries of the Shire River and the floodwater is taking trash to the power stations.

EGENCO was forced to stop the machines because of trash and very high water levels.

“We have had total system shutdown early today at 5:10 and at 14:24,” the electricity company says.

Last year, floods damaged Kapichira Power Station which disrupted electricity supply in the country.

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