Zacc Kawalala dumps Chakwera over corruption


Pastor Zacc Kawalala has called out the Lazarus Chakwera administration over corruption,  abuse of power  and impunity.

Kawalala who used to show support Chakwera in the run up to the 2020 presidential elections, posted on Facebook his disapproval of the Chakwera’s administration’s treatment of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director general Martha Chizuma.

He wondered why the Chakwera administration is spending taxpayers’ funds to hire three lawyers for a court battle in a bid to remove Chizuma over her leaked audio yet the same Government refused to hire  a seasoned lawyer to help the ACB in prosecuting a corruption suspect.

 “You proceed to assemble all the legal arsenal you can to go to court on the matter of the audio recording case, when you didn’t assemble all the legal arsenal you have on the fight against corruption? 

“Mr Attorney General, sir, how do you want us to talk?  Are you indeed a legal representative of the republic or you are representing some rogue? Mr Attorney General, is this how corruption fights back?  We need some answers.  We demand some answers.  And if we have parliament which represents the people, parliament will have to do the right thing.”

Kawalala in his Facebook post which has since been deleted also questioned the Attorney General and the Director of Public Prosecutions if they will bring to book the man who recorded the audio which is being used to harass Chizuma.

He said the actions demonstrated so far could be described as abuse of power and impunity.

He said: “Can the Republic be better advised that what we are seeing?  Is this what Malawians asked for?”

The Chakwera administration’s continued harassment of Chizuma has angered various quarters including the United States Embassy which yesterday said the actions undermine the credibility of the government’s commitment in fighting corruption.

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