LL City Council announce new fees for mobile money agents

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The Lilongwe City Council has announced new license fees for Mpamba and Airtel Money dealers, agents and retailers.

The council made the announcement on Tuesday September 20, 2022, and a document which Malawi24 has seen, indicates that the new license fees will be applicable to retailers, CV kiosks, umbrella sheds and mobile wallet branches operating in Area 1, 2, 3 and City Center.

According to the document which has been signed by the council’s acting Chief Executive Officer Vitto Mulula, mobile money vendors with kiosks in the affected areas will from now be paying K45,000 annually while their ground fees has been put at K5,000.

Mpamba and Airtel Money vendors with umbrella sheds, will now be paying K45,000 annually while their ground fees is at K5,000. Airtel Money and Mpamba branches will now be paying K110,000 annually with ground fees pegged at K5,000.

On the other hand, retailers of other commodities operating in kiosks and umbrella sheds will from now be paying K75,000 each annually with a ground fees being put at K5,000.

“Lilongwe City Council is informing the general public of the new license fees to all vendors operating businesses in kiosks, umbrella sheds and mobile wallet branches in the following areas; Area 1, Area 2, Area 3 and City Center,” reads part of the document.

The council has also improved some operating standards where from now no mobile wallet agent is supposed to operate in undesignated place; pavements, along road drainages, sewer tanks and in carparks.

The council has also commanded that no kiosk should remain idle for more than a month and that vendors operating in kiosks, umbrella sheds and selling commodities that are beyond mobile wallet services, will be paying retailers’ fees.

The council further stipulates that every mobile wallet agent should pay the fees to none other than the council and further says it will not allow use of dilapidated kiosk.

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