Parents urged to enroll children in CBCCs


Future Vision Ministries International, Country Director, Newton Sunday Sindo, has called on parents in Zomba to enroll their children in Community Based Child care Centers (CBCCs) saying the facilities are crucial for early childhood  development.

Sindo made the call at Chinangwa CBCC at Sunuzi in Traditional Authority Ngwelero’s area in Zomba during graduation of 110 children from CBCCs to primary education under Future Vision Ministries lnternational’s support.

Since 2010,  661 children from Ngwelero have graduated from CBCCs to primary schools such that others have progressed to various secondary schools.

Sindo observed that  CBCCs are crucial for early childhood development saying children that are enrolled for pre-schools are well prepared for primary education.

“It’s just unfortunate that  some parents fail to enroll their children for the CBCCs which Future Vision Ministries international introduced for free,” Sindo said, adding that this is denying children their right to education.

Future Vision Ministries international provides  porridge flour in CBCCs  to ensure effective School Feeding Programme apart from providing other basic needs for the pre-school education.

An official from the Social Welfare Office in Zomba, Jimu Muli, hailed the Future Vision Ministries International for complementing Zomba District Council’s efforts towards early childhood development and primary education.

He said Zomba Council through the social welfare sector  encourages parents to enroll under 5 children for CBCCs to ensure that children are well prepared for primary education.

He therefore called on local leaders in Ngwelero area to sensitize their subject on the benefits of enrolling their children for pre-school education.

Senior Group Village head Taulo also hailed Future Vision Ministries international for advocating for pre-school education in Ngwelero area saying this has brought positive results in the area as regard to early childhood development.

He also commended fellow local leaders for allowing the Future Vision Ministries international to facilitate introduction of CBCCs in the area and for  construction learning facilities that are currently promoting the early childhood development.


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