Breaking: Bushiri’s Rainbow TV closing for good


Private Television owned by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Rainbow TV, is closing for good. This comes after its licence was revoked by the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA).

Information that Malawi24 has sourced indicates that Rainbow will be closing shop at the expiration of the period that it was given by MACRA. A source has disclosed that political forces are suspected of being at the centre of the closure.

Bushiri-owned TV shutting down

“It is not just the license. The TV station offered to settle that. There is politics at play,” said the source.

Information further indicates that all media activities related to Rainbow Television will also shut down.

Malawi24 will keep you updated.



  1. The name democracy is in Malawi but the rights in democratic government are not practised.Look we have been promised freedom of expression but the media is being closed because of Katsukuluza.The program really bites everyone.Sorry for unlucky Malawi.Is this what we voted for?

  2. You would have thought that Bushiri has paid enough bribes to more or less do what he wants in Malawi. After all thats how he operated in SA until Zuma was ousted.

    Ive noticed that whenever these “sources” make their allegations in defence of Bushiri they can never elaborate on what theyre talking about and are always extremely vague. Its probably because what they are alleging has no substance

    1. We dont want chakwera he is wasting money pipo r suffering

  3. Those who do not love Malawi they fade up yes, because they don’t see what is happening to the outside world, contact me I will tell you the ins and outs that destroyed Malawi years ago of this democratic error

    1. What ins and outs are you talking about why do you like to talk about history instead of concentrating about the future

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